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Welcome to the Asylum. This is a site devoted to politics and current events in America, and around the globe. The THREE lunatics posting here are unabashed conservatives that go after the liberal lies and deceit prevalent in the debate of the day. We'd like to add that the views expressed here do not reflect the views of other inmates, nor were any inmates harmed in the creation of this site.

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Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Our first new "addition"

I'm going to jump on this one first. We have a new site, and I'm going to post first.

As part of our ongoing adventures together, we do enjoy one passion for one specific thing. We both love the show Alias. I know. I know. When it comes to TV, each one of us "geeks" out on a few shows. Thomas and I have one show we thoroughly enjoy. That would be Alias. For those of you that are unfamiliar with it, it stars Jennifer Garner, and it's on every Wednesday at 8 p.m. AZ time.

It's an escape for both of us. We never miss it. And every Wednesday night/Thursday morning, we'll post out favorite quote of the night from the show. It may be funny, or it may be serious. Trust me, I am sure we will shoot for the funny ones.

Tonight's, however, isn't funny. It's fairly serious, and quite romantic as Sydney and Vaughn danced together at the end of the show, in a train station, after Sydney almost died. Hey, I know it's only a show, but I'm a chick, and I've got feelings, too. So pardon me if I get a little choked up on this. It's important.

It's important because, for all those that follow the show, these two characters have been trying to hook-up in a normal relationship, and their lives--as "secret agents"--is anything but normal. But, that always lends to the drama in escapist entertainment. I taped the episode, so I'll probably put my quote up tomorrow.

But until then, just remember that "serious" things come Friday. Pay attnetion to us because starting Friday, we start posting for real.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Looks like you have th problems worked out. keep up the good work.
How can we get the government to administer justice instead of letting people go just because they were once a part of the government?

3:44 PM  

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