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Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Around The World...

The world is a stage, and there's plenty on the playbill for the day. But I'd like to chastise the MSM before I start. I want them to shut up with their snide comments regarding the pontiff. You're not going to find "dirt" on the man, and none of you could come close to touching his shoes. So either say something nice, or shut the hell up. I cannot stand any further disdain from the likes of the New York Times, the Washington Post, Christianne Amanpour, Peter Jennings, etc. Just "shut up and sing" already, or get off the stage!


All 55 Republican senators say they have never seen the Terri Schiavo political talking-points memo that Democrats say was circulated among Republicans during the floor debate over whether the federal government should intervene to prolong her life.

A survey by The Washington Times found that every Republican said the memo was not crafted or distributed by him or her. Every one of them said he or she had not seen it until the memo was the subject of speculation in major news organs, particularly ABC News and The Washington Post.

Two Democratic offices refused to respond — Sen. Jack Reed of Rhode Island and Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid, Nevada Democrat — the latter even as he continued to accuse Republicans of being behind it.

"We will not participate in the survey. News outlets have investigated and authenticated the memo was real and came from Republican sources. We have no further comment," said spokeswoman Tessa Hafen. "If you want more information on the memo, you should work on finding the Republican who wrote it."

She did not respond to a request to name the newspaper or network that had "authenticated" the memorandum.

Telling, isn't it. The memo is a fake. Someone else wrote it. Just look at the spin surrounding this memo thus far. ABC News, who broke the "story" has backed away from it. They don't know who wrote it. They don't know who it was to be addressed to. They have found no proof that the GOP had anything to do with it. The Washington Post reported the "story", but like ABC News, they have found nothing connecting the memo to the GOP. And now they are trying to back away from it. And now the Washington Times gets to the crux of the matter. No GOP senator has seen it. No one wrote it, or allowed it to be written out of their offices.

Yet, the Democrats seem to be vehement in their continued criticism of the GOP over this memo. I don't know who Tessa Hafen is, but she seems to have some pretty strong beliefs the GOP was behind it. And it almost sounds as though she alleging she has proof. In this case, at this time, some proof would be nice from those making the allegations. Put up, or shut up.


Captain Ed picked up on this one today, and I'm glad someone's addressing a concern of mine over former President Jimmy Carter's temper-tantrum about not going to Rome for the Pope's funeral.

According to White House sources, Carter's representatives, apparently from the former president's Carter Center, reached out to the White House over the weekend and offered to lead the U.S. delegation should the President or other senior Bush administration officials not be able to attend.

"There was no misunderstanding. It wasn't Carter who made the actual call, but the message was pure Carter gumption," says a White House source. "We were getting lots of calls from lots of people looking to get on this delegation. I would say over the weekend alone we got more than 100 requests, maybe more."
Carter went public on Tuesday with his dissatisfaction at not being invited, after the White House announced that the official delegation would be made up of the current and two prior sitting Presidents, and Secretary of State Rice.

"The other thing that people forget is that Carter has treated President Bush very badly. He has openly criticized the President in a manner that President Clinton has not," says a Bush administration source. "He has traveled around the world bad-mouthing this president and this country's policies. I would be surprised if a single person gave a thought to including him in the delegation."

Carter's fat yap is most likely what kept him from going. And he really has no one to blame but himself. I heard a talk radio host earlier today state that the Carter spokesperson even had the audacity to invoke Carter's Nobel Prize; as if it were a prerequisite to go on the excursion. Please.

Carter's Nobel Prize came on the heels of his outlandish criticism of the Bush Adminiatration over the Iraq stage of the GWOT. The Nobel Committee liked that enough to award him the prize. Since then, it's flaunted by him, and the breathless media won't shut up about it. Yes. He got an award. It's very nice, and it's very shiny. But he got it for bad-mouthing his country during a time of war.

Keep in mind that Carter's still trying to build a "legacy". His one term in office was an absolute disaster. Between the gas crunch and long lines, the hostage situation for 444 days in Iran, and the subsequent failed rescue attempt, and the rampant inflation and unemployment, the sweater-wearing Carter has nothing by shreds of his legacy. So he's built it on his damned Nobel Prize.

Bear in mind that it's poor taste when a previous president criticizes a current one. A story that's been around for years was of a visit Eisenhower made to the White House after Kennedy's failed Bay of Pigs invasion. From what historians have recorded, their walk--alone--around the White House grounds was heated. Eisenhower privately criticized President Kennedy for that fiasco. But the moment he was in front of the press, Eisenhower didn't utter one word of criticism. It was all praise for the president. Carter hasn't learned this. He vigorously criticized Reagan, Clinton, and Bush (43). The only person to escape his ire was Bush (41). (Strange that. I guess H.W. Bush got lucky)

But if Carter thinks that Nobel Prize means a damned thing, he's got another thing coming. (It's not a key Jimmy. It's a hunk of metal you got for attacking your homeland.) And besides, if the Pope's funeral is so important to him, why didn't he attend either of the Pope's funerals while he was in office?


I saved the best moonbatty stuff for last. I love LGF, and they always manage to find these stories.

DENVER (AP) — A lawyer for the professor whose remarks about Sept. 11 victims touched off a firestorm wants officials to clarify how they intend to prove he is an American Indian, asking if they plan to use “the Nazi standard for racial purity.”

A University of Colorado faculty committee is investigating whether professor Ward Churchill should be fired over allegations he plagiarized others’ work, and that he falsely claimed to be an American Indian to give his work more credibility.
“Do you wish to employ the Nazi standard for racial purity? Do you wish to employ the standard adopted by the United States government for determining Japanese ancestry in order to qualify for internment?” attorney David Lane asked in a letter dated Monday to acting chancellor Philip DiStefano.

So, now UC is naziesque for questioning whether or not Ward Churchill resorted to fraud to obtain his position at their school? Since when it is Nazilike for an employer to call into question the honesty and integrity of one of his employees.
And as for the "racial purity" question, Ward Churchill is not a naturally born member of ANY American Indian tribe. His "tribal credentials" come from the fact he signed up to join a tribe. The tribe--laughable as it may sound--held a literal "open enrollment", and the idea was quickly shut down. The tribe revoked the status of those that had signed up, unless they could prove their Indian heritage. Churchill could provide no geneolgy to back up his claims. So, Churchill, once again--as he has been so often lately--is wrong again. And so is his nutty AIM lawyer, David Lane.

And it's not often that I comment on two different topics where BOTH are covered by the same site, but LGF also had this story. And I'm sure after the Left in this country heard this today, they went on suicide watch.

BAGHDAD, Iraq - The Iraqi parliament picked Kurdish leader Jalal Talabani as the country’s new interim president Wednesday, reaching out to the nation’s long-repressed Kurdish minority and bringing the country closer to its first democratically elected government in 50 years.

Ousted members of the country’s former regime — including toppled leader Saddam Hussein — watched the event on television in their prison cells, Human Rights Minister Bakhtiyar Amin told Al-Arabiya television.

The announcement that Talabani won drew applause in the National Assembly. In the north, Kurds danced in the streets upon hearing the news.

“Today Jalal Talabani made it to the seat of power, while Saddam Hussein is sitting in jail,” said Mohammed Saleh, a 42-year-old Kurd in Kirkuk. “Who would have thought.”

Another stake in the heart of the Left as Iraq continues to progress quickly in their efforts to create a free, democratically-driven nation. And given that is was a Kurd that was elected to the post says a lot. The Kurds--amongst all of those in Iraq--suffered the worst at the hands of Saddam Hussein. And whereas every ethnicity within the nation is represented in the new government, the Kurds hold the keys. Congratulations to those for striving to recreate THEIR nation, and kudos to the troops for their continued presence there in their efforts to keep the country stabilzed until the Iraqis are ready to take over completely.

Publius II


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