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Tuesday, December 27, 2005

The Long-Awaited Meltdown Of The Media

The kids jumped on the thread started by Hugh Hewitt. (Watching these two work together never ceases to amaze me.) Immediately, the two of them started a post at five, and barely finished it at seven tonight. But it got me thinking. How bad is the media, and is it really on the way out the door. The indictment handed down by the kids regarding the seemingly intentional journalistic malfeasance is pretty heavy. It lists those in the media that have been laid low by bloggers and talk radio. These losers haven't escaped the eyes of those that have taken up the slack.

Lord knows we've seen our share of stories erupting from the media that prompt talking points for the liberals. This is due, partly, because the media is more likely to listen to a Howard Dean, a Dick Durbin, or a Ted Kennedy than a Zell Miller, a John Kyl, or a Rick Santorum. When the status quo is given all the airtime, the alternative media has to rely on, well, the alternative. These would be the leaders that the media doesn't want to deal with because they can play the game better than the games masters. For the longest time now, the media has been skating on thin ice, and it's cracking all around them. They're losing subscribers to their rags, their losing viewers, on both sides of the medium they're losing advertisers, and the ultimate purple finger came when the New York Times announced that they'd be charging Internet users for access to some of their columnists.

Needless to say, people voted with their pocketbooks, their check books, and their greenbacks. They put them away. "No soup for you!"

And that is their problem. It's not ours. We're tired of getting the same GIGO (for all the computer geeks out there) day in and day out. The media has controlled the debate long enough, and now it's time to unleash the hounds and take it back.

"Cry havoc and let slip the dogs of war"

The kids weren't kidding when they said we were in the middle of a culture war. We are fighting for control of our government, our courts, and for the media. The status quo isn't ready to give up any of this without a fight. The media is the biggest player in this. They're the enablers. They keep giving the status quo the voice. I shake my head every time I see the amount of people who voted for John Kerry. Here was a man who embraced his past, and used it on the campaign trail, yet when hard questions popped up from our side, he ignored them, and so did the media.

They have refused to admit mistakes when nailed to the wall on them. Was it appropriate for them to run the stories regarding the leaks coming from the government regarding the classified programs we were using in the war? Absolutely not. Everybody in America doesn't need to know what we do in this war. For the most part, our actions go completely unnoticed by the public. However, in the case of the Times/NSA kerfuffle, the Times took a serious black eye. A majority of people polled, thus far, have said that they aren't upset by it. The liberals immediately scream louder; proclaiming us all right-wing sheep.

No, not exactly. We just know how to abide by the law, and so does the president. And he has, you dimwits.

Bloggers are accomplishing what journalists of old used to do. They're reporting what they see, what they read, what they find, and what they experience. It's done first-hand. And it's done with far more research involved than the average reporter puts into a piece. (For those that doubt me, go to any of the big bloggers, and look at how they tear some of the media apart. I suggest you start with the kids' post below this one, and follow the links. Mr. Roggio wastes little time eviscerating the Post's improper and unfair editorial.)

Mr. Hewitt is correct. So are the kids; the media's Waterloo is upon it, and it can't even comprehend that. They are blinded by their own reputation that they put together and can no longer defend. The era of the anchors is over where America trusted them every night to bring them the stories of the day. It's almost as though Rather, Brokaw, and Jennings were holding the last strings together in hopes that the "younglings" would clean up their act. Too bad they couldn't hold out longer. The youth of the media industry is making too many mistakes, and trying to hide behind the old mantras of the past. "The must trusted news in America." "We are no longer the presenters of fact but are the purveyors of truth." "It was fake, but accurate." The last one has been used in a few stories recently, including the New York Times NSA story. They have admitted that there might be a few missing pieces to the puzzle.

But this is how they play the game. It's no different than the one in Washington, DC. The charge and what it carries with it is usually more devastating than whether or not someone is guilty. Trust me, I've seen it. It's not pleasent. But this is what the media does. They level charge after charge against the people standing in opposition to them. Charles Johnson, owner, proprietor, and resident genius behind Little Green Footballs was savaged during RatherGate, and still is. Why? Because he proved that one of America's most trusted names in news was a liar, or at the very least, an amiable dupe. Not saying much for Dan Rather.

The mistakes of the past seem to permeate to today's media. The problem is how emboldened they've become. No one's taken them down to size yet, but the day is near. It's simply a matter of getting them all on the right story to crush them, and the infinitessimal shards of their integrity.

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