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Sunday, April 23, 2006

Open Topic Sunday ... It's All About The Politics

of Mary McCarthy that probably did push her in this direction. It's plainly clear that she has a bias against this administration. If we sit back and ponder this, we see that her motivation wasn't to blow the whistle on anything. She went out and blabbed to a reporter about a program the CIA was supposedly running. Much like the leaker of the NSA surveillance program, she might have thought what was being done with that program was wrong.

However, she doesn't get to make that call. That's the responsibility of the DI, DO, and DCI. That's their jobs--their responsibility to not only CIA, but to the administration. If they have a question regarding legality of an operation, they have lawyers like any other branch of the government. They can ask them. If the lawyers give the green light, then the program is legit under the interpretation of the law.

Mary McCarthy doesn't get to decide what is and isn't all right for the United States, and she sure as Hell doesn't decide that the way to make the government understand that is to yap her gums to a reporter. There are already people I'm seeing trying to defend her. And they keep presenting their view on the premise that Dana Priest is somehow a "hero." A hero? Since when is it heroic to report disinformation?

Remember people, this was literally put together to catch Mary McCarthy. And I must agree with Curt at Flopping Aces: An indictment should be quick for Mary McCarthy.

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