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Sunday, April 02, 2006

Passing Thoughts Up ...

Our monthly column is up at Common Conservative. As usual we tackle some current news stories from last month.

This regular column has led to a number of e-mails regarding one simple question: Why cover what happened rather than what's happening? Simply put, all too often, we hear people complaining that if they "had known" about this or that, they would have had a different outlook on it, or they'd remember the politicians that really weren't worth reelection.

That's why we do this. That's why we choose the stories that we do. From time to time they might just be nutty stories. For the most part they're relevant stories even after their first mention. The Dubai Ports World deal dragged through two months. The immigration debate, though we didn't touch on it this month, will definitely have wheels next month.

Please, just read the column and enjoy it. Also, be sure to read the other authors on the site. They're just as good as we are, and tend to focus on issues that are more than pertinent to today's world.

Publius II


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