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Sunday, September 17, 2006


I am outraged this morning over this story today regarding Sister Leonella Sgorbati who was gunned down in cold blood this morning by gunmen in Somalia:

(Hat-Tip: Michelle Malkin)

Gunmen killed an Italian nun at a children's hospital in Mogadishu on Sunday in an attack that drew immediate speculation of links to Muslim anger over the Pope's recent remarks on Islam.

The Catholic nun's guard also died from pistol shots in the latest attack on foreign personnel in volatile Somalia.

The assassinations were a blow to Mogadishu's new Islamist rulers' attempt to prove they have pacified one of the world's most lawless cities since chasing out warlords in June.

The bodyguard died instantly, but the nun, from the Missionaries of the Consolation order based in Nepi near Rome, was rushed into an operating theatre after being hit by three or four bullets in the chest, stomach and back.
"She died in the hospital treatment room," doctor Ali Mohamed Hassan told Reuters. "She was shot outside the hospital, going to her house just across the gate."

A nun from the Missionaries order identified her as sister Leonella Sgorbati, born in 1940, in Piacenza in northern Italy. In Somalia since 2002, she trained nurses at the SOS Kindergarten hospital.

The Italian government said the nun and two other Italian nuns working with her had been repeatedly advised to leave Somalia, which was formerly ruled by Italy.
Sunday's death provoked scenes of mourning at the hospital.

"I was in class when I heard about six to eight shots, I ran out and saw sister bleeding," Fatuma Hassan, 21, told Reuters.

"We're so sad. It's a big loss."

Two suspects were later arrested by Islamist militiamen, but there were no details of their identity.

Yes, the animals running Somalia are probably slapping medals on these f**king cowards right now. (Pardon my language, but this really irks the Hell out of me.) They murdered an innocent nun who tended to the sick and the needy in a war torn nation. And Yes, the Italian government warned them that they shold have left Somalia, but since when have clergy ever left those that need them behind.

To be a member of the clergy is a calling higher than most can imagine, and I could not see them leaving no matter what Italy told them. And these animals murdered her in the street. All over the Pope's comments. I hope these barbaric excuses for human flesh understand that each attack like this, and and others like it only reinforces the pope's words.

The Islamofascists that take to the streets and react to criticism like the pope's with violence proves his point. Islam, or at least the Islam that these thugs adhere to, is a violent one. It cannot be defeated through peaceful means or negotiations. It can only be defeated by force. And while I dislike holding up martyrs for our side, this is one I am willing to make an exception for. This woman only did what she thought was right and true in the eyes of God, and in the Catholic religion. She tended to the sick. She fed the hungry. She helped those that truly needed it in Somalia. I will not elevate her to the stature that Mother Theresa had, but she is close. And above all, she did not deserve to die.

There will be repercussions for this offense. I do not know who will hand out the retribution, but it will come. And no, I am not content to have these @$$holes wait until their "eternal reward" for that reciprocity to come due. These animals need to be found and killed. Killing our enemies will be the only way this war is won, and it will be the only way the moderates will stand up with one voice and tell the animals to go to Hell.

Rest in Peace Sister Leonella. You are in God's hands now; in the Heavenly embrace of the Father.



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