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Monday, September 04, 2006

Pakistan Woes: Radicals Vow To Share Nuclear Technology If Elected

That is the story from the Pakistani news agency, The Daily Times. (Registration required to read the whole thing.) But, Charles Johnson picked it up, and here is the citation from his site:

The Jamaat-e-Islami (JI) will share nuclear technology with countries which need it if it comes to power, JI deputy chief Prof Khurshid Ahmad said on Geo television’s Jwabdeh programme on Sunday.

He said that all options including transfer of nuclear technology should remain open, adding that Article 3 of the Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) stressed that the countries having nuclear technology should share it with those which didn’t have it.

“According to the NPT, it is the responsibility of every country having nuclear technology to share it with others for peaceful purposes. It is every country’s right to have nuclear technology for peaceful purposes,” he added.

Prof Khurshid said that the JI ameer (chief) was considered the most pious and best among all JI members and leaders, adding that he was even superior to those who had been martyred in jihad.

If it comes to power, this group will begin sharing its nuclear secrets with other Islamic nations. Doesn't that just warm your heart? It's not bad enough that the AQ Khan network let insane regimes like those in North Korea and Iran have such secrets, but now they want the whole Islamic world to have it, as well. Of course this is "if" they come to power. But judging by the current state of the Middle East, that "if" is not as improbable as some would argue.

Hamas was elected to lead the Palestinians in Gaza by an overwhelming 80%. Hezbollah has not only gained positions withint he Lebanese Parliament, but also within the general government's cabinet. Since 1979, a radical has always been in power in Iran. The Royal House of Saud has allowed the radicalism to stay within their country, as they export it to others, and have done next to nothing to curb it. (And no, going after al Qaeda does not equate to them cleaning up their act.)

Radical Islam has been around for some time, and a few of these radicals are now sitting in positions of power. If the radicals gain control in Pakistan (and it's a 5-/50 crap shoot that they might) then the idea the Pentagon has with Iran needing another five years to construct a nuclear weapon is right out the window as a solid assessment. It's more likely that Iran will be one of the first nations at the front of the line with one hand full of cash, and the other extended in anticipation of those secrets.

And what's to say that they will simply do this for Islamic nations only? Nothing. Nothing says they won't hand off technology to some of the most radical terrorist organizations in the region. Or worse, if they hand such technology off to a nation like Iran, who will probably hand it off to Hezbollah. Anyone want to contemplate the possible disaster awaiting the free world if Syria gets its hands on nuclear technology, as well? And what about Iran's newest buddy against the West in Hugo chavez. Chavez wants nukes, too. I'm sure that for the right price, Iran can help him get them.

We can only hope that Musharraf continues to hold onto his position, and that the radicals do not get power. If they do, this war is going to have a whole new facet added to it, and the world will go back to holding its breath. either that, or this war is about to expand to realms we didn't think we'd have to go.

Publius II


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