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Saturday, December 30, 2006

Saddam Hung For His Crimes

Between 5:30 a.m. and 6:00 a.m. Baghdad time, the former Iraqi president/dictator was hung for his crimes.Some witnesses say he was smiling. Others said he looked worried; almost fearful. He clutched a Koran in his hands. And I can guarantee you that there were many celebrations in Iraq once news spread that he was dead.

His familiy has requested his body so that it may be buried under Islamic traditions, which I find funny as Saddam was secular, preferring not to govern Iraq under shari'a law. His daughter claims that he was drugged before the execution because he did not seem like himself. I find it interesting that she made that statement on CNN as she was not present at the execution. But it is a distinct possibility as nations that still do carry out capital punishment usually drug those about to be executed to "ease their pain and suffering." Whatever. This man did nothing but create pain and suffering for his nation. I hardly see why such leniency should have been bestowed on him.

Yes, it is annoying to me why such a fuss was made over his execution. I was up late last night watchng coverage of the aftermath of his execution, flipping between FOX News and CNN, and you could seriously tell the difference in coverage. CNN had a somber tone; almost as though they were mourning that passing of a great leader. Meanwhile, FOX reported the execution as simply a news story. That is, after all, what this was. Simply a news story.

I can say that I am happy that this piece of human debris is dead--gone for good. I share the Iraqis happiness that their former dictator is worm food now, and that I will shed no tears. But the war is far from over. Indeed, the morning has been rocked by bombings, but even the press admits that they cannot corroborate a connection to his execution when it came to the violence this morning.

This step for the new Iraqi government was necessary to separate itself from the former regime. There was no way that they were going to allow this man to live. And a last minute appeal to a United States district court was met with a resounding refusal to address the issue; this was an Iraqi matter, not an American matter. Hugh Hewitt points out the mistake on the part of his legal team. They should have filed the appeal to the Ninth "Circus" Court. Maybe he would have obtained a stay from them, but the Iraqis would have finished the job regardless.

The era of Saddam Hussein is over, and it was not nearly short enough. For all the misery the man caused, for all the deaths he ordered, and for all the human indignity that he forced his fewllow citizens to bear and witness, this piece of slime was let off far too easy. I personally believe that the Iraqis would have served themselves better had they implemented one of his own tools in the execution, but I am not sure if any of his wood chippers were still functioning in the torture chambers he utilized.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good Blog. I mostly watched "the hanging" Fox although I would surf the other channels now and then. I agree with everything you said. Hopefully this will be a lesson to other dictators, terrorist and tribal chiefs. And to the people that they don't have to tolerate being an object of a state. What goes around comes around-swinging at the end of a rope. Rawriter

12:52 AM  

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