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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Fred! on the march

Stephen Hayes has a new addition in the Fred! saga:

FRED THOMPSON IS RUNNING for the Republican presidential nomination. In a conference call Monday, Thompson addressed a group of more than 100 supporters and fundraisers whom the campaign has dubbed First Day Founders. He told them that he would be setting up an organization that will allow him to begin raising money and recruiting staff.

In official campaign finance parlance, the move represents a shift from "giving serious consideration" to a presidential bid, as Thompson said he would do back in March, as a non-candidate, to a "testing the waters" period where one is, in effect, a candidate-in-waiting with a campaign-in-preparation. Thompson advisers point out that the new testing-the-waters entity is not quite a campaign committee, though it will officially begin accepting contributions on June 4. On that day--the First Day, as it were--the campaign will take in donations that it can then tout as an impressive one-day haul. A corollary benefit will be that news reports about Thompson's non-entry entry will run on June 5, when the declared candidates will meet in New Hampshire for their third debate. (Thompson won't be required to disclose his donors and the amounts they give to the Federal Election Commission until September.)

No one thinks Thompson would have set up this entity if he had not decided to run, and there were apparently no serious qualifications or hesitations expressed on the conference call yesterday. The testing-the-waters committee allows Thompson to recruit and hire staff, which he intends to do. And he now has an entity that can collect campaign cash. For nearly four months, would-be Thompson supporters have been frozen in place, unable to contribute to Thompson even as they have been hounded by other campaigns.

Turn out the lights and say goodnight. Tell the fat-lady she's on in five. Prep up that bugle; taps will be playing for John McCain's campaign.

This is one of the moments that many people have been waiting to see and hear of. Fred Thompson's a dynamic that many have been hoping and praying for since it was first hinted he'd consider a run for the presidency after the Draf Fred movement started. I'm sure that the whining will begin on our side when he shows up to the first debate. And it's assured the Left will lash out him at the first chance they get.

He's going to drive people like McCain nuts because unlike the senior senator from Arizona, Fred isn't going to flip on things. He's strong, he's competent, and he's not doing this to further himself. He feels he has something to contribute to the nation. He also feels that he can lead this nation. To some that may sound ridiculous. To others -- especially those that have done their homework on him -- it's not so. They know the credentials and experience he'll bring to the race.

As of now, this race is a three-way dead heat. And I'm sirry to crush the hopes of the McCainiacs and Ron Paul bots out there, but they're done. Fred's entry will signal their departure from the race; hopefully sooner rather than later.

Publius II


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