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Wednesday, April 06, 2005

For The Record...

The "old man" isn't slipping. The "old man" didn't have access to the computer when this story broke. Yes, it seems as though the origin of the GOP talking points memo that ABC uncovered did, indeed, originate from the office of a GOP representative. Senator Mel Martinez stepped forward, and stated that one of his aides wrote this memo. And somehow this ended up in the hands of the Democrats, but was never seen by any members of the GOP in the Senate.

The aide resigned, and Sen. Martinez is taking responsibility for it. He has gone as far to state that this kind of behavior from his office won't be tolerated. That's good. I'd be ticked if he tried to copver that up. Oh, wait, cover-ups are part of the Left's modus operandi. We come clean when questioned. At least the honest ones do.

I am honest, and I'm formally posting a correction. I touted for a while that this didn't originate from anyone among the GOP. I sit corrected. It did. There's your correction, and I apologize for not having my facts straight on this issue. But this should be a lesson for all.

The Democrats in the Senate won't take responsibility for their actions, despite the fact that the man in charge of Sen. Clinton's PACs is under indictment, and that Sen. Schumer just ended up paying a large fine for FEC violations. Sandy Berger gets away with fisking documents from the National Archives; an act that had it been perpetrated by an average citizen they'd be facing jail time.

Where's the responsibility of the MSM in holding their own accountable. Howell Raines opted to look the other way, and continued to hand story after story to Jayson Blair; a man that many of the editors below Raines warned him that he wasn't doing his job properly. Especially when it came to plagerizing the works of others, or outright making things up. CBS refused to hold Dan Rather to the same level of scrutiny that was supposedly devoted to the phony memos he released on 60 Minutes II. And Eason Jordan's "indictment" of our troops in harms way cost him his head. But it was only after enough people got outraged, and drew America's attention to the issues.

Granted, the mistake that bloggers made on this issue was that we knew as much as the news organizations did. They accused the GOP, and we defended it. It wasn't directly from a GOP senator, but it came from his office and his staff. He owned up to it, which is commendable.

But we did what was needed. We questioned the initial release of the memo by ABC, because they had no answers to our questions. When the Washington Post picked it up and ran with it, they spun the story as well, virtually indicting the GOP's leaders for it. But even when that story popped up in other papers with a WaPo byline, the WaPo refused to back away from the story despite the fact that they had exactly the same information as ABC did.

This is one of those times where both sides were wrong, and no amount of spin either way will change it. We were wrong for defending the GOP without thoroughly checking our facts, and likewise for the MSM, they made accusations with no proof. In gambling terms, this round vs. the MSM is a push.

But we are still watching...

Publius II


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