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Saturday, December 17, 2005

Blinding The US, And Going The Way Of Capt. Ahab: Only The "Defeatocrats" Couls Pull This Off

The Democrats in the Senate decided to take their obsession to heights unfathomable today when they went for the filibuster over the Patriot Act. For those upset over Sen. Frist's move to support a filibuster, he had to be on the negative side to be able to bring this back up at a later time. But with the sunset clause in the Patriot Act set for 21 Dec., this was not a smart move. By not supporting the renewal of this vital piece of legislation, the Democrats are basically blinding the US.

Our intelligence agencies have enjoyed the lattitude extended to them through the act, and as Marcie pointed out in her piece Friday, only thirteen cases of civil liberties abuses have been brought to the attention of the FBI. All of them were tossed before reaching court because they had no merit. But we should look at one specific case that was able to be broken because of the Patriot Act.

First, we have Jose Padilla. Regardless of whether or not this guy had the ability to detonate a chemical weapons bomb or a dirty bomb, he was planning mischief in this nation. The Patriot Act provisions allowed law enforcement to nab him before he was able to carry out any little, dastardly deed he was planning. Yes, he's been held without charges (until recently), however this does fall under the president's war powers; the decision from the Supreme Court regarding Padilla's detention undermined that authority.

If we don't have the Patriot Act, our intel agencies can't do their job as effectively as they have been doing in the war on terror. And the Democrats can cite civil liberties concerns until they're blue in the face, but they don't wash. They didn't wash in 2001, and "that dog won't hunt" today. There are no verified cases that the Patriot Act has violated anyone's civil liberties. The people targeted by the act's provisions are terrorists, not average citizens. We're looking for people wishing to do harm to our nation. They're not looking for people who like to download porn, or people cheating on their spouses, or people that do any number of immoral acts. They're looking for people doing illegal activities in this nation, especially terrorists.

We know there are terrorists in this nation. We have broken up a cell in Lodi, CA, and there was the cell in Buffalo, NY. They're here, and they're not hear to play patty-cake. They're looking to do damage to this nation on an 11 Sept. scale, or greater. They're not going to stop trying to, so why should we quit looking for them. But this isn't about civil liberties. The Democrats can say that, can go on the talking heads shows on Sunday and carp about that, but it's a lie.

This is about their blind hatred of a sitting president, and their attempts to undermine him and the administration as much as possible. They are so blinded by their hate, and their lust for a return to power that they're willing to risk this great ship and crew to achieve it. Hence the Ahab reference. Ahab obsessed over Moby Dick so much that, in the end, it cost him his ship and crew, and it was all for naught. The same thing goes with the Democrats. And if they're not careful, this could be a mid-term issue for them that they won't be able to shake.

They have fifteen people in the Senate up for reelection, same as the Republicans. If the GOP is smart, and this drags out, they should hang this albatross around their necks. What is even more telling about this is that the House passed it earlier in the day...With 40 Democrats crossing the aisle for the vote in favor of it. How is it that the Democrats over there get it, and the nitwits in the Senate miss it? Simple, the House doesn't get nearly as partisan about things like the Senate does.

Regardless of the excuses, we, as Americans, need to contact these dimwits and give them a piece of our minds. Call them, write them, do whatever it takes to get them to understand that the Patriot Act MUST be renewed. No ifs, ands, or buts about it. Renew the damn thing. If they don't, and we are hit again when it could have been prevented, I want every Democrat up for reelection in the Senate tossed in favor of someone with a brain. This move by them today was positively asinine, and people have a right to be outraged about it. Call them, and let them know how outraged you are.

Call 202-225-3121, and make it a point to ask for the offices of Sens. Hagel, Sununu, Murkowski, and Craig. These are the four GOP nitwits that joined with the Democrats to filibuster this renewal. Give 'em hell, and give 'em a piece of your mind. Don't wait until Monday. Call them now, and make sure you call them all weekend. Let them know how ticked you are. I already have, and I was anything but pleasant. I was polite, I was professional, but they knew I was hot about this.

Publius II


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Our first line in this country defense is internal intelligence. Apparently those that didn't extend the act, think that there is no one that will kill them. You can bet the farm that our enemies see this as a weakness and will exploit it. I don't wish death on anyone but I'll make an exception for those that put this nation in danger. Rawriter

2:11 AM  

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