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Thursday, December 15, 2005

Still Eating Their Young: Dean Seen As A Headache For The Democrats


Hat-Tip: Drudge Report

Democrats are voicing concern that Democratic National Committee (DNC) Chairman Howard Dean is compromising his party’s political prospects by straying on to controversial policy turf such as the Iraq war and Social Security reform.

These Democrats add that Dean should stick to the pledge he made after becoming chairman not to delve into party policy and to let office holders such as Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid (Nev.) and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (Calif.) craft the Democrats’ agenda.

Democrats from conservative bastions are particularly sensitive to Dean’s recent remark that the United States cannot win the war in Iraq, which prompted Rep. Earl Pomeroy (D-N.D.) last week to tell the DNC chairman to “shut up.”

An aide close to the Democratic leadership on Capitol Hill said, “There were serious concerns when Gov. Dean took over that he understand what his role was and what it wasn’t. There were meetings with the congressional leadership and Mr. Dean where it was discussed and the governor implied that he understood what his role was and was not, that he was the mechanical part of the party, not the standard bearer or message person. Subsequently, there have been episodes that have been concerning.”

These fools in the Democrat Party were warned not to let "Howling Mad" Howard Dean become their new chairman. Who warned them? Did no one notice how our side was pushing in that general direction? We knew what sort of a mockery he would make out of the party. We knew he was nuts, unhinged, and an absolute barking moonbat. He has embarrassed his party more times than we can count since becoming the chairman, and we laughed ourselves silly when the Democrats fell for his "I will behave" humility, and voted for him anyway.

Their fault, and now their problem.

Earlier this year, Dean startled some Democratic lawmakers by calling for the lifting of the cap on Social Security taxes which shields income above $90,000 a year from being taxed.

Doug Schoen, also a pollster, who worked for President Clinton and now works for Sen. Evan Bayh (D-Ind.), added: “I don’t think it helps the Democrats to have a party chairman who is involved in controversy. There’s so much work to be done organizationally, so much work to be done in terms of fundraising, that I think he would serve the Democratic Party best by focusing on the grass roots.”

Pollster David Beattie, whose clients include Sen. Bill Nelson (D-Fla.), said that he had worked in 31 states in the past five years, only seven of which were won by Sen. John Kerry (D-Mass.) in the 2004 presidential race.

“In the other 24, Dean is more of a hindrance than a help,” Beattie said.

Other Democrats, declining to speak for attribution, said Dean should focus on “party mechanics” and fundraising. The DNC has raised a little under $48 million in the 2005-2006 cycle compared to the Republican National Committee’s $89.1 million.

And their fundraising is still down. "Howling Mad" Howie is still on the loose. His statements regarding the president, the war, and the GOP in general have landed him in a lot of hot water with his party. That was evident when the grand dame of the Democrats in the Senate (no, not Hillary) Brabara Boxer stepped in a couple months ago and warned to "cool it." That was right after an appearance at a Democrat fundraising event where he took off on a tirade about how "evil" the administration was.

Every time someone hands this man an opportunity to do something for the good of the party, he either swallows his foot, or blows a foot off.

While neither the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee (DSCC), nor the National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC) has raised as much as the DNC, both senatorial committees have more cash on hand.

As of Oct. 31, the DNC had $6.1 million in the bank versus the DSCC’s $20.4 million and the NRSC’s $9.1 million. The RNC, helped, Republicans say, by having George W. Bush in the White House, had $34.4 million in its campaign coffers.

DNC communication’s director Karen Finney and Reid’s spokesman, Jim Manley, both said Dean was not so much shaping party policy as “amplifying” the Democrats’ message.

Manley said Reid believes Dean is doing a fantastic job fundraising and building the party. Finney noted that by the end of the year there would be four paid DNC staffers in every state.

Finney said the national organization Dean has put together would help the party pick up congressional seats in 2006 and win the White House in 2008.

Fat chance. The Democrats are going to end up losing seats if they continue on this defeatist path. Their rhetoric regarding Iraq is killing them. From Rep. John Murtha's repeated calls for withdrawal, and back-up coming from House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, to Sen. John Kerry's revisitation of his 1971 phony testimony accusing our troops of "terrorizing" civilians, the "Defeatocrats" are melting down before our eyes. I see 2006 as a watershed year for both sides; a resounding victory for the Republicans in the House, and possibly more seats in the Senate, and another devestating defeat for the Democrats.

And Dean is not the only headache that mainstream Democrats have. Their leadership is out of touch. The leadership on this historic day cannot discuss the victory of the Iraqis. No, these fools have to bring up the Plame affair, again. They want the president to tell them who leaked her name (obviously a throwback to Robert Novak claiming that "only Pres. Bush knows who leaked" Valerie Plame's non-covert identity.)

Their party needs to take a look at America. America is not the left-leaning, moonbat, conspiracy theory-driven tin-foil hat wearing crowd. We are people who believe in freedom, less government, lower taxes, and a strong defense. They want the power because they still think we are too stupid to think for ourselves. We have been savaged by Dean and the Left long enough. In 2006, after a sound defeat at the polls (to match the defeat they saw today), maybe they will finally wake up, and toss Dean and his moonbat menagerie overboard, and fall in line with the rest of mainstream America. If they have forgotten what that means, maybe they should go back and research the likes of Scoop Jackson, FDR, JFK, Harry Truman, and William Proxmire (who just passed away this morning). These were some of the greats that their part had at one point.

It is about time they revisit history, and take a page from it. It might serve as a solid reminder of what "sanity" is like.

The Bunny ;)


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