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Thursday, December 22, 2005

Friends And Allies Of Rome Unite: Iran, The Growing Threat

Yes, I'm sitting here, as usual, listening to Hugh Hewitt. He's just brought up an interesting topic. Iran, according to Jane's Defense Weekly, has acquired medium and intermediate range missiles from North Korea.

This is as dangerous as it gets. Iran has a mutual defense treaty with Syria, and Jane's noted earlier this week of the agreement those two share regarding WMDs. Syria has agreed that they will take Iran's WMDs if it means alleviating some of the pressure they face. The "axis of evil" should now read the following nations:

North Korea

These three nations are doing things, hand over fist, to make themselves a threat to the free world that would likely call for an attack from other nations to keep them in line. I'm not a warmonger, but some action has to be taken by the world to keep these three nations in line, or else. And they don't want to know what the "or else" from the US is. Saddam made a mistake of asking "or else what," and now he's sitting in a jail cell, and facing trial in Iraq. And the action had better be something other than a sternly worded letter from the UN. The world needs to stand up and take notice.

Iran is pursuing nuclear weapons. With the acquisition of these missiles, they are now a threat to not only their neighbors, but to Western Europe. It's time that we stand up and put an end to these sorts of deals. North Korea isn't scoring any brownie points in the world, and neither is Iran. And Syria should watch out as their already under the scrutiny of others because of the Hariri assassination. These three had better tread lightly, and these deals need to end. This isn't about impoing our will on others. It's about protecting vulnerable and innocent nations from a possible nuclear strike carried out by a regime that has legitimized terror.

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