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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Leaks, Leakers, And The Enabling MSM

Much has been made about the leaks that are pouring out of the media. We're not the only ones to have done this. The list is long and plentiful of sites that pick up on this, and have much consternation over it. Let's face it: These leaks aren't so much an informative look into the tools and weapons we use in the war on terror as they are hit pieces. That's the reason why the stories are being run. It's to attack an administration they don't like. But their ideology is only part of the problem.

These leaks--no matter how big of a secret or how small--are dangerous to America. They're dangerous because every time one is revealed, it weakens our ability to prosecute this war. And for some odd reason, they don't understand that the terrorists want to kill us. Yes. That's the truth. I know for some on the Left, it's hard to swallow. Maybe they're playing both sides against the middle in an attempt to be in a better position no matter who wins this war. If this is truly the case (and I doubt it is) then here's a newsflash for those morons: The terrorists hate you as much as they hate us. You'll be handed your head if we lose, literally, in short order.

But I'd like to address the leakers. I've been wrapping my head around what fool would be willing to do this. It is, after all, quite illegal. I've gone over the law that is broken every time a leak occurs. We've cited it a few times. The simple fact of the matter is that these people never bother to ask if it's a good idea to let this information out. Further, anyone handling sensitive information are required to sign a paper that acknowledges they are in possession of classified information, and the release of that information--without prior administration approval--is a crime. I know this because my uncle, whom I rarely talk about, is in Naval Intelligence. He is forbidden from speaking about anything classified that he deals with.

So these people, if ever found through an investigation, can't claim they didn't know they were breaking a law. They know. So the biggest question is "Who's doing the leaking?" This is as great a question as it is a difficult one. To begin with, the president's closest confidants are probably aware of these programs and operations. This includes, but isn't limited to: Condi Rice, Don Rumsfeld, Dick Cheney, John Negroponte, John McLaughlin, Porter Goss, Robert Mueller, Stephen Hadley, Alberto Gonzales, and possibly Andy Card and Karl Rove. (I'm not sure on the last two, but it's a possibility.) And honestly, I doubt that the leaks are emanating from any of these people. It's not that I don't doubt that the administration has leaked certain things at certain times; such leaks are a political advantage at times. But I doubt these people would have leaked such sensitive programs. Also included among them are their respective deputies.

Their staffs could possibly have the leaker on it, though I'd think that such classified information would be kept out of sight; the less people involved in a secret, the easier it is to keep. So, I question the staff side of the argument. I'm not saying it couldn't have happened. I'm saying that it's highly unlikely. So, from the administration we move to Congress. All of the programs leaked thus far--the CIA rendition flights and CIA "secret" prisons, the NSA surveillance program, and the radiation monitoring program--are intelligence programs. They fall under the jurisdiction of the respective committees in Congress.

Now, we know that only the leaders on the Senate Select Intelligence Committee was privy to these programs, especially the NSA story. That means that Pat Roberts and John Rockefeller knew about the programs. Now, Roberts I doubt would have said anything. Rockefeller, on the other hand, is public enemy #1 for many people. They're sure that Rockefeller is the leak. Possibly, but I'm still a little skeptical. It's not that I trust him implicitly; that would be utterly retardedm, and the man is my ideological enemy. No, one needs evidence to make an accusation, and as yet none has popped up. So, until I find some, the suspicion remains, but I'm lowering the boom on him.

The third possibility, and one that truly scares me, is someone out of the CIA and the NSA leaking this. If this is the truth, you had better believe I want prosecutions on them. I want whomever has decided to become a "self-proclaimed" patriot prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. But if this is someone in the organizations, it might be about time to launch a mole hunt. Disinformation within the chain of those that know about these programs might be enough to root out whoever this person is. "Always plant a seed of truth within a lie; it makes it easier to swallow." Sound advice for the intelligence industry even though the media is more apt to use that advice. As a matter of fact, they use that advice on a regular basis.

An investigation has to be launched, and it should start with the two schmucks that put up the latest story, and should focus on every reporter that has handled the previous and subsequent leak stories. These people are the ones that know who spoke with them. It's time to apply a level of pressure to them. We had no problem with Judith Miller going to jail (though I believe that was more PR than anything else), so why should there be a problem with these people going to jail until they sing? I know that a lot of people think that might be drastic, and virtually uneffective. I disagree, and to those that are getting ready to launch e-mails calling me a hypocrit, you're wrong already. Yes, the press has it's freedoms, however there are limits to this freedom. The New York Times can't put an editorial up in their paper calling for someone to assassinate the president (though the thought might have crossed their minds, at times), nor can they call for the killing of any government official. The very call for such an action is illegal. We have learned that there are limits to speech in general; it's still a crime to cry "fire" in a movie theater.

With freedom comes personal responsibility.

And the MSM is showing a complete and utter disregard for that responsibility. By printing these stories, they are releasing vital information to the public, and within the public are our enemies. They can't just throw this out, then walk away claiming it's not your fault. You enabled that information to get out, and there's a responsibility to pick up and acknowledge. The government needs to begin a full-scale investigation into these leaks. We can't afford to let the leakers get away with what they have done. If we let them slide now, when the release of one of our most prolific intelligence gathering programs is open for all to see, they'll be emboldened. The next leak could cost somebody their life.

This sort of behavior must end. If it's someone in the administration, then indict them.If it's someone in Congress, indict them. If it's someone within the organizations, indict them. There should be none of this "go along, get along" game coming fromt he administration if these people are found. The "Defeatocrats" are going to circle the wagons around whoever it is. No horse trading. They committed the crime, and they're going to do some time; do not pass GO, do not collect $200.

Publius II


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good blog. I understand that the Congressional leaders are also briefed on intelligent matters such as senator Pelosi. I agree that there should be an investigation. I understand that the AG's office has such an investigative staff. A special prosecutor with grand jury subpoena powers would be ideal although the ongoing prosecutor has lost his credibility. I also believe that staff members should be suspect. Look at Schumer's two staff members on an extended paid for vacation. In connecting dots, rockeller did write that pta memo to Cheney. I don't recall Cheney releasing it. Rawriter

7:19 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


You also forget that Rockefeller was involved in the SSIC memo from a couple years back. That's the one that outlined the Democrats attack strategy on the president over the war.

Rockefelle may indeed be involved with the leaks, but I have to concur with Thomas; he wasn't the primary source.

Not only does this crime break USC18, Sect. 798, but it could very well be construed to fall under USC 18, Sect. 2381. That's the one defining treason.

"Adhering" to one's enemies, and giving "aid and comfort" are fairly self-explanatory. I sincerely doubt that Rockefeller would throw his n**s out on the table so boldly knowing they could get lopped off. He's crazy, not stupid. Remember that.

Mistress Pundit

10:07 PM  

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