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Monday, December 12, 2005

The Newer Generation Vs. The Older Generation

Heh. I don't normally comment from NewsMax. Thomas says it's not that great of a site, and the only thing they usually get right are the quotes. But fo0r this piece, it's the quotes that count. Chris Wallace has decided that his father, Mike Wallace of "60 Minutes" fame, has "lost it."


"Fox News Sunday" anchorman Chris Wallace says father Mike Wallace has "lost it" - after the legendary CBS newsman told the Boston Globe last week that the fact George Bush had been elected president shows America is "[expletive]-up."

"He's lost it. The man has lost it. What can I say," the younger Wallace lamented to WRKO Boston radio host Howie Carr on Friday.

"He's 87-years old and things have set in," the Fox anchor continued. "I mean, we're going to have a competence hearing pretty soon."

Wallace Jr. quickly dispelled any notion that he was joking. When Carr suggested that his comments were likely to be covered by NewsMax, he responded: "You know what? Fine. Go ahead. Call them. That's fine. I'll stand by that."

Returning to the topic of his father's competence, Wallace Jr. explained: "He's checked out. I don't understand it," beyond the fact that Wallace Sr. has "problems with the war."

"I don't know why he said what he said," he added.

On Thursday, the elder Wallace told the Boston Globe that if he had the chance to interview President Bush, he'd ask:

"What in the world prepared you to be the commander in chief of the largest superpower in the world? In your background, Mr. President, you apparently were incurious. You didn't want to travel. You knew very little about the military. . . . The governor of Texas doesn't have the kind of power that some governors have. . . . Why do you think they nominated you? . . . Do you think that has anything to do with the fact that the country is so [expletive] up?"

Still, despite his criticism, Wallace Jr. seems to have inherited some of his father's shoot-from-the-lip-style.

Asked about DNC chair Howard Dean's recent prediction that the U.S. would lose the war in Iraq, Wallace told Carr:

"We are in a war. We do have 150,000-plus American soldiers over there. I mean, it's Tokyo Rose, for God sakes, going on radio saying we can't win the war."

This tickles me. Not only am I not really a fan of Mike Wallace, but I'm one of these people who believe the doddering old fools in front of the cameras need to go. That's everyone from Barbara Walters on down to Mike Wallace. These people have been the mainstay for the MSM for a long time. That's a long history of bias that they have, that they present, that they peddle. If his son thinks that dad has "lost it" then maybe it's time for dad to listen up. I would like to think that Mike might have a head on his shoulders, and realize that his son is saying this out of love for him. He's not trying to be mean about it. Chris is telling it like it is. Without all the mumbo-jumbo, I think Chris is trying to tell his father it's time to retire.

This would have been ideal had Dan Rather had a son that would have looked at him after last years election, and told him that he'd lost it. Maybe Rather would have gone a little more quietly from the scene. See, bloggers like to hold Dan Rather up and say "we nailed his ass," but did they really? He's still working at CBS. He just isn't sitting in front of viewers every night. Of course, I'll grant the bloggers their boast is Dan Rather's simply sitting in the background like a potted plant, or stuck in a closet somewhere like a mushroom. But if he still has any connections to the news division of CBS, the only thing bloggers did was drive him underground. His bias is still making it's way to the viewers. I'd prefer it if he were s**t-canned.

As for Mike Wallace, the man has had a good career, and has been a solid journalist. (I don't mean 'solid' as in fair; I mean 'solid' as in hard-hitting, hard-questioning) But it's time for the old man to be put out to pasture. Let him play with his grandkids, putter around in a workroom or garage, and read the books he never had time to read. Hell, spend some time with his wife. But he doesn't need to be on the TV anymore, and I think that's what his son is hinting at. He might want to take that hint and retire.

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