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Saturday, December 10, 2005

China Update II: More Leaks From Cracks

Thomas and Marcie pulled this one out of their hats yesterday and this morning. After a quick tour of the bloggers covering this, I found Gateway Pundit (linked on Thomas' post, and below). It seems that Gateway is getting more of the inside skinny at a quicker pace than most.


The situation at Dongzhou Town, Red Bay, in the city of Shanwei, Guangdong Province is rapidly deteriorating. According to the villagers, the government has not only arranged tanks to occupy the city, machine guns have also been set up, ready to strafe villagers on the street at anytime. Up to now, 70 people are known to have been shot to death. Most of the dead are young people in their twenties. The dead bodies were buried to destroy any evidence of the shootings. Families are not allowed to claim the bodies of their relatives. Sound of Hope Radio has phone-interviewed villagers of Dongzhou Town regarding the case.

That's the first paragraph of a a story from the Epoch Times. Below is a transcript from a radio report.

(Recording) Villager: "They didn't allow us to go inside to identify the bodies. Approximately 70 people were shot to death. The government, however, reported only one or two deaths. In fact, they are covering up things."

Reporter: "Did you go to claim any of the bodies?"

Villager: "Some bodies were buried by the government, some could not be found, and some were still there, not yet buried."

We should remember that the Chinese are a Communist regime. They care nothing for their people. The utopian paradice promised by Chairman Mao never surfaced. These people are prisnoers int heir own nation. They are treated worse than cattle. They have no rights. Dissidents and protesters are either arrested, and are never seen again, or they're killed like they were in Dongzhou Town.

Another villager said that there were many deaths and injuries. Many people are still missing at present. Tanks have lined up at the highest spot in the northern part of the town. The villager expressed that he wished the outside world would pay attention to their situation and provide help.

(Recording) Villager: "Everyone is indeed moaning and groaning, yet there is nowhere to go to appeal the injustice. Are our farmers' lives truly worthless? They can just kill us at will, shoot innocent farmers at will? I hope you can report the facts about what is happening here. Now, the villagers are living in deep water and scorching fire. Those government officials truly are tyrants."

Reporter: "Have you been staying home without going outdoors?"

Villager: "There is no way to be out. There is not even food or water. They simply don't consider we are human beings. They randomly shot around, like shooting animals. Even when someone was shot once, if they found that he was not dead, they would fire another round at him. I don't think bandits in the old days were even shot this way."

See That? They were shot at like they were animals. Thomas has called for the US to condemn this. This needs to go further than just us. Reuters has picked this story up, as well. I'd like to see the freedom-loving/cherishing nations of the world condemn this act.

Our interview team has made over hundreds of phone calls to villagers in Dongzhou Town since December 7. Most of the phones have been disconnected or nobody was answering. Some calls did go through but no voice could be heard after being connected, most likely due to scrambling of the call by the Chinese government. At present, villagers are almost completely isolated in their own homes. No one has dared to go outside, phone lines have been cut off or scrambled and the communication between villagers has also been almost entirely cut off.

The Chinese government is doing everything it can to put a stop to this story getting out. Thank God for some news services that are willing to print it instead of turning a blind eye to it. (Print media is starting to pick this up. But ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, and MSNBC are most notably AWOL from the coverage.) With the hardware said to be surrounding the town, and the measures taken within it by the government, there's no telling what might be next. To silence this story, once and for all, I wouldn't be surprised to see the Chinese eradicate every man, woman, and child in this town. After all, dead people don't talk.

At the bottom of the Epoch story are three links. One of them is to photos of the aftermath. Take a look, and keep in mind that the people were PEACEFULLY protesting the government's seizure of land for a power plant.


Hundreds of armed police have sealed off a township near the southern Chinese city of Shanwei following violent clashes between local residents and security forces in which at least two people have died.

Villagers said an atmosphere of fear had settled on Dongzhou after the armed crackdown late Monday and early Tuesday, in which many reported seeing riot squads from the People's Armed Police firing on protesters who fought back with home-made petrol bombs and threw rocks.

There are tanks on the main highway and no one can get in and no one can get out.

On Thursday public security personnel fished up more than a dozen bodies from a ditch.

Local sources said construction began on a wind-power plant several months ago but halted amid a dispute over land compensation

These people didn't go down without a fight. However, the fight was pretty short considering the weapons used by both sides. Rocks and molotov cocktails against guns. Oh yeah, that's fair. This town has been shut off from the rest of the country, and I'm sure that soon they'll be cut off from the world. The Epoch story above makes a point that already communications to the town are gone. It's only a matter of time before these people do lose, permanently.


Dec. 10 (Bloomberg) -- China's police killed fewer than 20 civilian protesters when they opened fire on a demonstration Dec. 6 in Dongzhou, a southern coastal village near Hong Kong, according to a city official.

The New York Times, which today cited villagers as saying up to 20 had been killed, described the shooting as the largest known use of Chinese government force against ordinary citizens since soldiers fired on pro-democracy advocates in Tiananmen Square in 1989. A front-page report in the South China Morning Post said ``dozens'' were dead or injured.

Residents of Dongzhou, on the outskirts of Shanwei city, Guangdong province, were protesting the construction of a coal- fired power plant at their village, saying inadequate compensation was offered for land taken for the project. Shanwei is 135 kilometers (84 miles) east-northeast of Hong Kong, according to the Hong Kong government's Web site.

``The death toll is definitely fewer than'' 20 people, Liu Jingmao, deputy head of the Shanwei government's propaganda department, told Bloomberg News today in a telephone interview. ``We will make an announcement tomorrow.''

More than 20 busloads of paramilitary forces were called into Dongzhou on Dec. 6 when about 2,000 villagers gathered to complain about the land seizure, according to a fisherman who gave his surname as Chen. Troops and local police killed more than 10 people and almost 20 were missing, he said, declining to give his full name because he was one of the demonstrators.

``I'm asking you, reporters and people from Hong Kong, to reveal the truth and help my fellow villagers,'' Chen said. ``I can't fish any more. We have nothing.''

Nice spin by the Chinese propaganda ministers, but it's not washing. There are plenty of witnesses that have already gotten the word out, and the attention is only growing. Hopefully, some of this attention will wake the MSM up from it's slumber. But, take a look at the next stroy, which comes from the Yahoo wires.

BEIJING - China on Saturday blamed a deadly confrontation between authorities and demonstrators in a village near Hong Kong on "a few instigators" who organized an attack on a wind power plant, prompting police to open fire.

China said in its first official comments on Tuesday's confrontation that three villagers were killed. Residents, however, said as many as 20 people were killed.

The state-run Xinhua News Agency said police opened fire on villagers in Dongzhou, a village in Guangdong province, after a mob formed a blockade on the road and began throwing explosives at officers. Three villagers were killed and eight were wounded, Xinhua said, quoting the Information Office of the neighboring city of Shanwei.

Before the fatal attack, police used tear gas to break up a mob of about 170 villagers armed with knives, steel spears, sticks and explosives, Xinhua said. Two villagers were arrested.

The report said the instigators then formed a mob of 300 villagers to blockade a road leading to a neighboring village to force police to release the suspects. Police opened fire after the villagers began to throw explosives at police and one of the instigators threatened to blow up the power plant, Xinhua said.

Hong Kong's South China Morning Post newspaper Saturday quoted Dongzhou villagers as saying authorities were trying to cover up the killings by offering families money to give up the bodies of the dead.

"They offered us a sum but said we would have to give up the body," an unidentified relative of one slain villager, 31-year-old Wei Jin, was quoted as saying. "We are not going to agree."

Hong Kong reverted to Chinese control in 1997, but the former British colony maintains a high degree of press freedom. Its proximity to Dongzhou gives local reporters good access to events there.

One woman in the village told The Associated Press by telephone that police were holding some bodies of dead protesters and refusing relatives' pleas to give them back.

Another villager, who identified himself only by his last name, Chong, said many of the victims' families had gone to a local police station seeking compensation for the deaths but had been turned away.
None of the villagers wanted to be identified, fearing official retaliation.

Residents said they remained under siege, with authorities surrounding the village and refusing to let anyone leave. On Friday, residents said troops armed with guns and shields were searching for the protest organizers.

Before Saturday's report, state media had not mentioned the incident in Dongzhou and both provincial and local governments repeatedly refused to comment. Telephone calls to the local police station went unanswered.

If the goons find any of the protesters, they're going to kill them. As it stands right now, this village has little hope, and what's left is fading fast. A condemnation may not spare more lives, or it may. If enough nations make noise about this, China may back down. Remember that when it came to Tianamen Square, the cowardly Chinese moved in at night, after most news stations were "put to bed." By the time the media were able to get back to what was going on, the propagandists were already in full swing, claiming that the demonstrators started the situation. And here's the government doing the same thing, again. It's not their fault. The protesters started this. It doesn't wash. The truth is getting out, and there's a whole host of people that are keeping an eye on this story. Keep an eye on Gateway Pundit and Pajamas Media for the links to the sites you need to watch.


And we owe Pajamas Media a "thank you" for noticing our work on this story already.

Mistress Pundit


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've seen communism, up close and personal. I've said many times that it is pure evil. I've also said that hate Bush is being pushed and I set forth who or what is behind it. Communism is alive and well in this country. I offer the Kelo decision as the latest proof. I do not trust the UN or agency therein. The Chinese incident is a good opportunity to show communism vs what freedoms we enjoy when our property is taken. Rawriter

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