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Thursday, December 15, 2005

Update II: Iraq--"E"-Day

Thomas posted up one of the first news stories revolving around the historic elections in Iraq today. Here is the first posting from Iraq The Model.


Good morning everyone, or good evening depending on where you live!

It’s 7:45 am now in Baghdad and the voting centers inside Iraq were open on time 45 minutes ago.The first news clips broadcast on local TV showed people voting as early as 7:05!

Also politicians and government officials have started casting their ballots in a special station located inside the Green Zone. The first politician we saw vote on TV were Mithal al-Alusi who leads a list of his own and Dr. Hussein al-Shahristani from the UIA.

The first wave of our special reports from eight Iraqi provinces-in addition to Baghdad-will start coming to you in a few hours so keep an eye on Pajamas for the full coverage.

Now excuse me while I go vote!

It is exciting to see the enthusiasm for these people. For far too long, the world turned a blind eye to their plight; whether it was from lack of care, laziness, or greed makes no difference. We ignored this for too long, and it became an infested place of tyranny, corruption, and hate. Those days are over, and a new day dawns.

Remember to keep looking to Iraq The Model and Pajamas Media throughout the day for updates!

Thus far, as Thomas pointed out, the violence on election day has been sporadic. For the most part, it has also been non-specific. The only polling place bombed was a single one, and no one was hurt. There was a morter attack earlier in the morning, but is was a single mortar, and landed just inside of Baghdad.

If the animals in the wilderness really want to disrupt these elections, they are going to have to do better than that. Long gone are the days that Iraqis run from the boogeyman.

The Bunny ;)


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