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Friday, December 09, 2005

This Is Outrageous...

In an effort to spread our political reviews to other avenues (and other blogs), we are searching the 'Net for more stories. Lo and behold, look what I found today. (Hat-tip: GeoPoliticalReview)

Armed police have sealed off a village in southern China after violent clashes with residents that rights group Amnesty International said marked the first time Chinese police had fired on protesters since 1989.

Residents said riot police had opened fire on Tuesday on protesters in the village of Dongzhou in Guangdong province after they moved in to quell demonstrations over lack of compensation for land lost to a wind power plant.

Estimates from residents and rights groups put the number of dead between two and 20.

"Now the authorities are coming to the village to detain people," said one villager, adding his brother was among those shot dead during the demonstrations.

"My parents and my sister-in-law are kneeling in front of the house to ask the government officials to explain the killing," he said in a telephone interview.

He put the number of dead at more than 10.

China's Communist Party has a monopoly on power and brooks no dissent but protests are becoming increasingly common, sparked by disputes over land rights, corruption and a growing gap between rich and poor.

Many of the protests turn violent, but Amnesty said police opening fire marked an ugly turn.

"Police used guns on protesters the last time in 1989," said Chine Chan, East Asia Campaigner for Amnesty International, referring to China's military crackdown on pro-democracy demonstrators.
"There is lack of guidance from the central government about what kind of force is allowed to be used," she said.

Chan added that many young men from the village had fled to avoid being arrested.

"We call on the central government to investigate what's going on there," Chan said. "Freedom of assembly and freedom of expression are fundamental human rights that should not be cracked down on in any way."

The resident said police were chasing away family members who tried to claim the bodies of those who were killed, describing the scene as "chaos" and pleading for help.

"Please send somebody to help us," he said. Noise in the background was so loud it was difficult to hear.

Let me begin by saying that I distrust Amnesty International. All too often this group has protested US actions in the world, and even concocted stories to "prove" their point, only to see those stories later ripped to shreds. However, we have known for some time that the Chinese have been having problems in their country. Pres. Bush gave an address in China where he warned them that as they allow capitalism into their country, people will desire freedom more. They will not be able to quash the desire for people to have more control over their lives.

Democracy protests have been occurring in China for years, and every time the Chinese government feels that it gets "out of hand," they resort to measures like this. These people were protesting. They took up no arms (because they are not allowed to have them), yet the Chinese police opened fire on unarmed people.

The reason I bring this up comes on the heels of the post I put up yesterday where the UN condemned the US for it's actions in the Global War On Terror, and on the fact that IOC chose Beijing for the 2008 Olympics. China is a communist regime that has done everything in it's power--including using violence--to control it's population. The human rights abuses by this nation are widespread, and tallied by organizations from across the globe. What the Chinese government did in opening fire on unarmed people is reprehensible.

It upsets me to see that so many people are willing to turn a blind on to atrocities, and bring up trumped-up atrocities against the United States. It irritates me even further than we still have trade with this nation. Now, I will admit that to cut off Chinese goods to the US would be detrimental to our economy, but some actions should be taken. At the very least, a condemnation by UN Ambassador John Bolton should be made to the UN's General Assembly. For far too long, we've sat onthe side and watched the actions of governments around the world that refuse to give their citizens the basic rights of freedom that is inherent in all men and women.

We all desire to be free from oppression. China seems to be bent on maintaining that oppression. It is time that we do something to condemn these actions. We have condemned Mugabe in Zimbabwe. We have condemned human rights abuses in Tibet, in Libya, in Cuba, and a host of other thuggish, totalitarian regimes in the world. Why is it that we opt to turn a blind eye to this?

The Bunny;)


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