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Thursday, January 19, 2006

Cox And Forkum Nails It Again

Bloggers love cartoons as much as the next person does. We have Chris Muir's extremely intellectual and funny cartoon at the top of our page for a reason: We really like him. But, we do enjoy Cox and Forkum. Not only are these two men keenly astute when it comes to the world of politics, they have a cutting wit, and are great cartoonists. Today they put up a great cartoon that goes hand in hand with the following report from FOX News:

Germany's foreign minister said in comments broadcast Thursday that European efforts to refer Iran to the U.N. Security Council did not mean abandoning attempts to reach a diplomatic solution.

Iran's top nuclear negotiator, meanwhile, told the British Broadcasting Corp. that his country is ready to compromise with the West over its nuclear program. ...

Europe, backed by the United States, on Wednesday rejected Iran's request for talks, raising international pressure on Tehran to suspend uranium enrichment. ...

The quick dismissal of Iran's request for a ministerial-level meeting with French, British and German negotiators focused attention on the next step: the U.S. and European push to refer Iran to the U.N. Security Council, which could impose economic and political sanctions.

Russia and China, which have veto power on the council, appeared to remain the greatest obstacles. Both nations are opposed to sanctioning a country with which they have strong economic and strategic ties. In recent days, they have expressed reluctance even to the idea of referral.

Even if there were consensus on sanctions, the five permanent Security Council members would be faced with a dilemma. Placing an embargo on Iran's oil exports would hurt Tehran, which earns most of its revenues from energy sales, but also roil world crude markets, spiking prices upward.

In the game of "Brokeback Diplomacy" Cox and Forkum nails both China and Russia solidly. And these are the nations that Sen. Hillary Clinton (scroll down, Thomas covered this just before I started this one) wants to "outsource" the problem to? Is that not a little like letting France, Germany, and Russia conduct negotiations with Saddam Hussein to "stand down" and behave? It seems so to me.

The Bunny ;)


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