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Thursday, January 05, 2006

The Religion Of Peace Rears It's Ugly Head, Again

It is not bad enough that our soldiers face these animals daily in Iraq and Afghanistan, but they are also targeting innocent people. Today, Little Green Footballs brings to light an incident in Afghanistan that is postively sickening.


KABUL, Afghanistan, Jan. 4 - Suspected Taliban insurgents dragged a high school teacher from his house on Tuesday night and beheaded him, the latest killing in southern Afghanistan in what seems to be a campaign against educated community leaders, Afghan officials said Wednesday.

The headless body of Abdul Habib, a teacher at one of the two high schools in Zabul Province, the Sheik Mathi Baba School, was found Wednesday morning. Gunmen broke into his house near the provincial capital, Qalat, and killed him late Tuesday night, said a spokesman for the provincial governor, Gulab Shah Alikhel.

“It was the work of Afghanistan’s enemies,” he said, the term officials use for Taliban insurgents and other Islamic militants.

The killing follows a spate of attacks on teachers, mullahs, community elders and aid workers in recent months.

Mullah Naqibullah, a tribal elder in Kandahar Province, said in a recent interview that the campaign was aimed at undermining public trust in the Afghan government. “Killing one educated person is as effective as killing dozens of ordinary people,” he said.

Now, many of our readers know that when it comes to educators in America, we are not too fond of the vast majority of them. Every once in a great while, we find a diamond in the rough. However, this did not happen in America, nor to an American teacher. This was an Afghani man who was teaching the children in a newly-freed and democratic Afghanistan.

And knowledge is something the religion of peace despises. They are the purveyors of what is true and proper, not an outsider trying to make people understand the world around them, and the world as a whole. This is a similar tactic used by oppressive regimes of the past, including China and Vietnam. The slaughter by Communism was warranted to ensure that the state would control what is taught and learned, overall. Learned people were murdered mercilessly by thugs afraid to allow the truth to slip out.

This story sickens me. So backwards are the Islamo-fascists that they would likely be afraid of their own shadow if they did not know any different. And this is one of those stories that the MSM will completely overlook. Do youknow why? Because it is nothing that can be used against the president, and no US troops were killed in this brutal act. Abdul Habib will be a footnote in the war on terror to the Left in the US. For those like us who are watching this war, he is a fallen hero; a man who stood up to help his country move forward and not be mired in the quagmire of the past.

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