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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Ariel Sharon: Prepare A Successor

Ariel Sharon, prime minister of Israel, suffered another stroke today; a massive one. Mere Rhetoric is posting updates (I'll post up the last update below), and it's not looking good.

UPDATE 33: (8:10pm PST) Channel 10 has finally started their morning news show. Latest medical information: "the surgery is over... the doctors are going to give a press conference soon... but things do not look good... they aren't even waiting for him to recover, because that will take a couple of days... I don't know what that means - whether there is permanent damage or not..." And, in the context of the medical bungling that occured in trying to get him to a hospital (he was driven rather than flown to a hospital farther rather than closer to him): "he question is not whether Sharon will suffer permanent and irreversible damage, but how extensive that permanent and irreversible damage will be."

FOX News is reporting across my TV (10:02 AZ Time) that he is actually still in surgery, and the bleeding in his brain hasn't stopped. And there is to be an emergency cabinet meeting in Israel among his ministers. This isn't looking good, and Omri Ceren's questions above bear a more forboding stance than before. Doctors are calling his situation "grave."

I'm sorry. I pass my condolences onto the people of Israel. Based on what has happened to him, he's not going to last. Time is of the essence to move, and place a successor in place. This is not only a solid political move (and one that may or may not crush Sharon's new party he was creating), but also and even more key strategical move. A power vacuum could be seen as a sign of weakness, and Israel is still dealing with Gaza to the East. Ehud Olmert is being stated as the successor to Sharon might be a smart move right now; they are extremely close in ideology. However, as Netanyahu was opposed to Sharon, his decisions--especially in regard to Gaza--and his constant choices in dealing with Abbas, so will he be opposed to Olmert; Olmert supported much of what Sharon has done, and it's been commented that Olmert actually harped on some of these issues before Sharon agreed to them.

Also, a few Israelis disliked Sharon. Some--at least two quoted by FOX News--had referred to Sharon as an "anti-Semite." (This sounds a lot like garbage, but I have stated that when I point to the MSM, I'm counting FOX among them.) So, Olmert will likely have problems with them, as well. This isn't uncommon in politics, especially in Israel, but the real question remains "Can Olmert unify the country to make it through the upcoming elections?"

I think he can, but it's going to take a bit of maneuvering. On thing is assured: This wasn't the time to have this sort of problem. Sharon's previous stroke should have set him down until he was completely healed from it. He didn't. He dove back into his work. That's a mistake on his part that may cost him his life.

Publius II

ADDENDUM: Greg Burke in Jerusalem just reported that doctors are going to be in surgery for a few more hours as they try to stop the bleeding in his brain. His aides left the hospital, clearly worried about his condition and whether or not he may survive. I agree with Thomas: Regardless of the outcome, it's time to prepare a successor for Sharon. Even if he comes out alive, at this point, he might be too far gone from the damage the stroke will have done. Israel, to survive at this point, must have a leader. I'm not too keen on Olmert, but for now he'll do.

Mistress Pundit (11:34 IL Time)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Fact that Sharon suffered a stroke with massive bleeding in the brain. Fact surgery is being performed to stop the bleeding. Experience tells me, the odds are he won't survive and if he does, he will be little more than the man he once was. Yes, his successor should be appointed. It only makes hard boiled common sense. In addition to Gaza, Israel is also facing the threat from Iran. Rawriter

1:29 AM  

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