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Sunday, March 12, 2006

Open Topic Sunday ... Debate--Iran; Part Four

She claims she needed the extra hour's sleep, yet I see she is doing fine minus that hour. (I would hate to see what sort of a butt-whomping I would receive had she managed that extra hour.) Needless to say, Sabrina makes excellent points, especially regarding the money involved with the UAE.

IF Iran were to shut down the strait, the UAE does not have the might to force it open. The US does. A military engagement would not necessarily occur. It is a possibility, but it's chances are slim and none right now. Iran will not provoke any sort of retaliation by the US.

And the US presence in the strait will prevent any sort of move to shut it down. The UAE will profit from our ships being there, not only berthed, but their ability to guarantee other ships safe passage through the strait. That alone would be enough to make sure that the UAE does not cut off relations to the US in this regard.

It is a sound argument all the way around, at least "on paper." In the real world, things are not so easy. We will have to wait and see what might happen. While I hold on to a level of my apprehension regarding the possible problems posed in such a scenario, I will concede this debate to Sabrina.

The Bunny ;)


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