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Thursday, April 06, 2006

Moonbat Fever-Swamp

Hugh Hewitt played a soundbite this afternoon that involved the president and an audience participant. The New York Times brings it up this their report. Here's the key 'graphs:

The president appeared relaxed and jovial before the mostly friendly crowd, removing his suit jacket after delivering his opening remarks. When members of the audience booed a young man who said, "I have never felt more ashamed or frightened by the leadership in Washington, including presidency," Mr. Bush motioned for quiet, admonishing the audience to "let him speak."

The young man ended by thanking Mr. Bush for "the courtesy of allowing me to state my views," and Mr. Bush responded with a vigorous defense of the warrantless wiretapping that had been one of the actions cited by the questioner.

OK. Let's start with how nutty this guy has got to be. Let's toss aside the fact that he may not know or understand the legality of the NSA surveillance program. Fine. Let's say that he just buys the line from the fringe that President Bush is some sort of villainous man with evil intentions. That's fever-nuttiness to it's highest form. Now, I have to give the president credit for dealing with him. I've heard the whole thing. He let him speak. And when he answered him, he didn't slam the door on him. (I would have, I'll admit it.) He calmly and politely explained to him the steps he took, the legality of the program (regrettably without giving reference to his legal framework), and the review it goes through.

I understand the program. I understand how it works, who it targets, and above all whether it is legal. Thus far, there is nothing illegal about the surveillance program. And any questions regarding its legality during the progression of the program were addressed, while the program was temporarily suspended. That tells me that when they did have a question about it, they had the responsibility to halt the program while they addressed that concern; best to err on the side of caution.

Obviously, this guy doesn't get it. He has taken his side, and no one's going to change his mind. You could debate him until the cows come home, pigs fly, and we elect James Lileks president, but he is NEVER going to change his mind. I get it. But I hope America understands that there are a lot of people that buy into the same garbage. They were the fringe Left in 2004 that believed that despite all that was exposed about John Kerry, he was still better than a president; an incumbant wartime president that ran on his current record, not on one from thirty years ago. This guy believes that Fahrenheit 9-11 was so right on the mark, that nothing can ever refute his sage, Michael Moore. He is the guy who eats up the Susan Sarandon/Tim Robbins/Al Franken/Mother Sheehan soundbites, and marches around confident that he has all the answers.

Folks, this is the fever swamp, and it is loose, unhinged, and running around without a clue. I urge people to avoid them. They are not worth the headache of trying to convince that they're nuts.

An no, they can't come here. We already have our hands full with each other.

Publius II


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