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Sunday, April 23, 2006

Open Topic Sunday ... More Questions Raised That Will Not Be Answered.

I was watching the blogosphere follow the McCarthy story, and I stumbled across Tom Maguire at Just One Minute. I finished reading the piece, and started reading the comments. The comments alone show why bloggers do this better than the MSM:

Biers, Berger, Clark, Plame, Wilson, the Kerry campaign, money for the Dems and Kerry, and 2 female managers at the CIA. Stolen docs from the archives, illegal leaks of classified material.

OK who in the media is going to start connecting the dots here, because this is starting to have the stench of a real live conspiracy. Is it a coincidence this all happened around the same time during a presidential election? All these guys started pulling this crap at the same time accidentally?

Posted by: Dwilkers

As a good friend would have noted, something does smell in this. This is too good to be true, and that is what it feels like. It is almost like waiting for the other shoe to fall. The "usual suspects" are all around "Magpie" McCarthy. So, when will the MSM start asking questions about this based on what has been discovered so far?

The things that jump out at me are the $10K and the donation to Ohio.

Given the area where they live (Northern Va) and the value of their home ($800K +) I would suspect the debt service alone would not leave a considerable amount of free cash ($6K/month $72K per year?)- even if they are in the $200K range in income. The $10K is a lot of money to throw around given where they are economically.

Second - how did they know to give to the Ohio Democrat party?

Posted by: AMDG

The Ohio question bothers me more than any other question in regard to her contributions. How did she know that Ohio would be the key battleground state? Why not just send the money to the DNC? It would have made it's way into the hands of Kerry's campaign. But why directly to the Ohio DNC?

The leak I'm interested in is the leak to Mitchell re the referral to the DOJ. That would be in the fall of 2003, I believe. Was our Mary in a position to leak that. And Andrea was droaning on last night about how one's man's leaker is another's whistleblower. Wasn't referring to Libby, I think.

Of course, there are probably dozens of leakers.

Posted by: Kate

OF COURSE! We knew we would get that out of the MSM. She is a whistleblower to them, not a criminal or a leaker. NEVERMIND that the whole story is bogus. There were no prisons in Europe run by the CIA! The EU investigators just stated they could not find them, or any evidence they ever existed. Hello? Earth to Andrea ... Dana Priest and Mary McCarthy did not reveal a damn thing! They pulled a Rather. They both passed off phony stories, and using Dan Rather's excuse, they were "unaware" of the sham itself. Lord, grant me strength with these MSM nutters.

AJ Strata has this wonderful link for everyone, which takes us to another of "Magpie" McCarthy's friends, Larry Johnson. For those unaware of who Larry Johnson is, I pulled his bio fromt he site:


Personal Information

Larry C. Johnson is the Managing Partner and founder of BERG Associates, LLC, an international business-consulting firm based in Washington, D.C. BERG that specializes in counter terrorism and money laundering investigations. Prior to forming BERG, Mr. Johnson worked with the Central Intelligence Agency (1985-1989) and the Department of State's Office of the Coordinator for Counter Terrorsim (1989-1993).Since 1994 Mr. Johnson has helped script terrorism exercises for the U.S. military forces that have the counter terrorism mission. Mr. Johnson also has served as an instructor for the U.S. State Department's Anti-Terrorism Training Program, where he has lectured on Current Terrorist Threats and Trends and on International Accords for Combating Terrorism to officials from more than 45 countries.

Mr. Johnson has directed or participated in the forensic audits of banks and casinos Latin America, tested procedures and systems for detecting and preventing money laundering, and directed the forensic audit of a multi-million dollar business suspected of money laundering in the Colon Free Zone of Panama.

Mr. Johnson manages and directs BERG Associates investigations of international fraud and product counterfeiting, which has resulted in the confiscation of products worth one million dollars, fines totaling $500,000, and criminal penalties for the offenders.

As this story continues to grow in the blogosphere, a lot of connections are being made. And these are starting to draw in people that we thought were long gone, like Sandy Berger, and John Kerry. We are definitely staying on top of it, but there are simply too many questions right now.

I honestly think this ought to stop here, get all three of us together, and start working up a couple of angles on this. Mary McCarthy had more Left-leaning friends and associates than I can keep track of, and they are either coming out of the woodwork, or scurrying like roaches with the lights on.

The Bunny ;)


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