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Monday, August 28, 2006

Extreme Makeover: The UN Edition

Senator Charles Schumer believes that it is time for a renovation of the Turtle Bay facility.

The deteriorating condition of the United Nations headquarters should be a source of concern for firefighters and Turtle Bay residents who might be exposed to asbestos in the event of an emergency at the U.N., Senator Schumer said.]

At a news conference yesterday, Mr. Schumer pledged to ask Secretary-General Annan and America's U.N.ambassador, John Bolton, to focus their attention on guiding to completion a plan to renovate the U.N.'s landmark building. The plan will cost an estimated $1.9 billion.

Mr. Schumer said yesterday that the long-considered renovation is an "American issue, but particularly a New York issue."

The U.N.'s campus was built more than 50 years ago. It does not comply with many city fire codes and lacks an internal sprinkler system, Mr. Schumer said.

"If this were owned by a private company there would be so many violations the government could close it down," Mr. Schumer said at the news conference, which took place in front of the U.N. yesterday.

I can only speak for us here, but I actually think that Mr. Schumer's second idea--the one about closig the place down--is a much better idea. Captain Ed notes that he would support such an idea. Knock the building down. Promise to rebuild it, but keep the promise the same way the UNSC keeps it's promises, and force them to meet in tents. I think that is too good for them. I say knock the building down, and rebuild it, but not for them. Make it luxury apartments of some sort, or a brand new office plaza.

If the United Nations wishes to meet and discuss things, they can do so over in Europe. After Thomas's story yesterday involving UNIFIL in the Israeli/Hezbollah war I am forced to agree that it is time for the UN to be shut down, or at the very least, it is time for them to leave.

Word should be passed down from Washington that all people here that work for the United Nations have seven days to pack up and get out before we level the building. As they leave, their names will be added to a list. This list is of people who will never set foot in this country again. If we ever get this worthless, meaningless group out of the United States, the last thing I wish to see is their return under somesort of diplomatic umbrella. No means no, and keep out is as precise as we should have to get.

And I'd like to quickly address a couple of e-mailers who complained about our rants regarding the United Nations. First, they are not "rants." A rant implies that there is more emotion behind the post, rather than logic. While we may employ humor to get our point across those posts are not rants. Second, when we say "worthless" we do mean it. Think about it. War solved the problem of Nazi fascism, Japanese Imperialism, and a "cold" one eventually brought down Communism. What has the United Nations done lately?

Oh yes; they spied for Hezbollah during the Israeli/Hezbollah war. They have raped little children, and destroyed the lives of many girls in the Congo by forcing them into prostitution. Wnat corruption? Want bribery? The United Nations can accomodate as we are still digging up information on Oil-For-Food (and many thanks should go to Claudia Rosett for her superb investigative reporting in that realm).This is the same organization that colluded with France, Germany, and Russia to thwart our invasion of Iraq in 2003. And it is the same organization who stood frozen when North Korea announced its construction of nuclear weapons, and remains frozen in the face of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's desire to create one himself.

If I were Chuck Schumer, I would shut the Hell up before my mouth dug me into a hole I could not get out of. The last thing that New Yorkers want to hear is that their hard-earned tax dollars will be spent on the renovation of ANY UN building, let alone its headquarters. This bone-headed idea of his is sickening, but no more so than the United Nations asking us to foot the bill. And, of course, the president will abide by their wishes even though three years ago he was talking about how irrelevant the United Nations had become.

I honestly do not know what the president sees that makes the United Nations any more relevant todaythan what it was three years ago. Is he referring to their stellar job against Iran? This cannot be as Iran is still a threat. They hve handed down no resolutions regarding Mr. Mugabe from Zimbabwe, or for Somalia for its extremely oppressive regime in power. And there is nothing on the Iranian side of things. So, again I ask, why is it necessary to do this fgor the United Nations when what ist has done lately is unimpressive, and frankly speaking, quite inept.



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