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Friday, August 25, 2006

The Classless Ray Nagin

I am just out of class, and relaxing before my next one, and I figured I would surf the Internet in between. And what am I greeted with when I get online? Why, it is a story about Ray Nagin, and a truly classless remark made by him that will air on 60 Minutes this coming Sunday. The CBS site has a synopsis of the interview.

Hat-Tip: Drudge

Confronted by accusations that he’s taking too long to clean up his city after Hurricane Katrina, New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin defended himself by remarking on New York City’s failure to rebuild Ground Zero.

Nagin made the remarks in an interview conducted by CBS News National Correspondent Byron Pitts which will be broadcast on 60 Minutes, Sunday, Aug. 27, at 7 p.m. EDT. On a tour of the decimated Ninth Ward, Nagin tells Pitts the city has removed most of the debris from public property and it’s mainly private land that’s still affected – areas that can’t be cleaned without the owners' permission.

But when Pitts points to flood-damaged cars in the street and a house washed partially into the street, the mayor shoots back. "That’s alright. You guys in New York can’t get a hole in the ground fixed and it’s five years later. So let’s be fair."

He wants "fair." I will give him "fair."

September 11th, 2001 was the worst attack on American soil since Pearl Harbor. Two of four hijacked commercial jetliners were crashed into the World Trade Towers--two of the tallest buildings along the Manhattan skyline. Within a couple hours after being crashed into those buildings, the towers came down onto the Manhattan street. THOUSANDS were killed inthe towers, when they collapsed, and when the debris hit the gorund. Rescue operations immediately began for those trapped in the rubble.

Because this was an act of terrorism, and that is a crime, the FBI, NTSB, and FAA began a FULL INVESTIGATION. I am not sure if Mayor Nagin is familiar with such an operation but here's a hint for the little dolt from New Orleans. ANY and ALL evidence had to be gathered. Not just the flaight data recorders, but human remains, as well. People had to be identified. Add to the mix the smoldering remains, which burned for over two months, added time to the overall clean-up effort. And let us not forget the extent of the debris on the ground. There was tons upon tons of it lying around. This was no easy clean-up. And we should also not forget how many buildings, in the end, were demolished due to the damage they took from the towers' falling debris. It was not simply two buildings that were wrecked in this attack.

Yet, Mayor Nagin--typical "victocrat"--does this, I am sure, to deflect blame away from himself and Governor Blanco. Why was the evacuation plan not activated? Why were buses sitting in water up to their roofs rather than evacuating people out of New Orleans? Why were the Army Corps of Engineers ignored when they issued a report that the levees had to be reinforced PRIOR to Katrina's existence?

To Mayor Nagin: Do not lecture this nation about 9/11. It took us years to clean up the site, and the only thing remaining now is to break ground on the rebuilding of the new building--the Freedom Tower--before the city moves on. The sheer and utter incompetance of the mayor and the governor during Katrina is a fine example of Democrats in action during a disaster. And Mayor Nagin has the unmitigated gall to bring up New York City after 9/11.

All I have to say to the people of New Orleans is this: You idiots put him in office in the first place. The ineptitude he showed during Katrina was appalling, and rather than toss him out of office and start with someone new because of his inability to handle the crisis, you poor fools reelected him. And it is because he is still blaming the federal government for the aftermath of Katrina. While I will grant them a certain level of anger (that regarding FEMA's response), it does not change the fact that the federal government cannot step in during such a crisis unless asked to. For that, Governor Blanco is to blame. She was offered assistance--not once, but TWICE--from the president, and she turned him down both times. It was prompting from the White House that even set the half-hearted evacuations in motion.

If Mayor Nagin wants to look like a fool on 60 Minutes, so be it. But the majority of Americans are not buying this load of bull that he is shoveling. And I am sure there will be a fiar amount of Americans, like myself, that are insulted, offended, and appalled that he would even think of taking a swipe at New York City for their efforts in cleaning up Ground Zero. Ground Zero was not like the aftermath of a hurricane, and cannot be compared to such. (Only the "intellectually dishonest" can make such a comparison; fitting for a liberal Democrat like Mayor Nagin.) And through this snide little comment, we can see that he is still blaming everyone else rather than those directly involved. No, he did not wreck New Orleans; Mother Nature did. But the clean-up efforts in New Orleans have been sub-par, at best, and he has no one to blame but himself and the governor.



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