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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Gadahn Spotted In Pakistan

Adam Gadahn is an American citizen who is actively incolved in al Qaeda, and he has been seen, most recently, in Pakistan, in South Waziristan:

The American al Qaeda, Adam Gadahn, was spotted last month in a remote area of Pakistan but moved before he could be captured, Pakistani intelligence officials tell ABC News.

The officials say Gadahn, a native of Orange County, Calif., was seen in South Waziristan, where he is believed to be involved in the production of al Qaeda propaganda tapes.

He has appeared several times in the last year on video tapes, predicting the streets of America will "run red with blood" and expressing his glee that the 9/ll attacks took place on "enemy soil."

U.S. law enforcement officials say Gadahn has taken an increasingly prominent role in the hierarchy of al Qaeda. He is believed to report to the No. 2 leader, Ayman al-Zawahiri.

Pakistani officials say they are "hot on the trail" of Gadahn, although South Waziristan is one of the areas where Pakistani soldiers have been ordered to stay in their barracks as part of a "peace agreement" between the Pakistani government and tribal militants believed to shelter al Qaeda and Taliban elements.

Gadahn was indicted earlier this month by a federal grand jury on charges of providing material support to terrorism.

U.S. law enforcement officials say if he is captured inside Pakistan, the indictment will serve as a legal mechanism to have him immediately turned over to U.S. custody.

This guy's got more Hell waiting for him at home than he knows what to do with. He is facing an indictment at home, and the more people hear about him, they more they recognize him as a traitor to the nation. He is, as he is giving "aid and comfort" and "material support" to our enemies. His propogandist days are numbered.

And aside from Gadahn, the thing that I found most interesting is that this "peace agreement" that was established by Pakistan with the terrorist elements in Waziristan, and their tribal protectors, is now confirmed. (Not that we doubted Bill Roggio's information, but confirmation through the government tends to go a bit further in terms of proof.) We called for it last week, and we are calling for it again. It is time for the US government to reassess its relations with Pakistan. If they are refusing to engage our enemies there, and have basically given them sanctuary, then how can we continue to refer to Pakistan as an ally?

I know that things are not going well for the Musharraf regime, and that he is still a target by the radicals there, but this is no way to win friends and influence people. We're supposed to be helping one another, not pretending to to save one's political skin. And from where we're sitting, that's what this decision seems like. Musharraf is buying himself time, but because he's given in once, al Qaeda and the Taliban will come calling again for another concession.

I'm confident that Gadahn will be caught.He is an enemy of the state, and sits indicted on terrorism-related charges. This guy isn't some moonbat that spouts off about his belief in al Qaeda's cause. This is a guy that who bought what they had to say, bought into their beliefs, and actively assists in their jihad. Not only is he dangerous, but he is delusional, as well. And I hope our troops nab him first. If the Musharraf regime finds him, they're liable to actively work to protect him.

Publius II


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