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Friday, September 22, 2006

Haaretz Updates The Norway Plot

Yesterday, I posted up a story about the arrest of four men in Norway who were supposedly plotting attacks on the United States and Israeli embassies there. Today Haaretz updates the story, and adds a detail or two missing in the story yesterday.

Four men suspected in connection with an attack on an Oslo synagogue are also accused of plotting to blow up the U.S. and Israeli embassies and decapitating the Israeli ambassador to Norway, media reports said Friday.

The four were arrested Tuesday in connection with an attack on the Mosaic Religious Community synagogue. The Jewish house of worship was hit with at least 10 bullets early Sunday. No one was injured.

Police said Thursday that charges against them were being expanded to include plotting terrorism but gave no other details. They were seeking a court order Friday to continue holding the men for questioning.

Defense attorney Vegard Aaloekken confirmed to the state radio network NRK that the new charges include allegations of a terror plot against embassies.

The charges were in part based on recordings from an electronic bug in one suspect's car, NRK and other major Norwegian news media said.

NRK and other major Norwegian news media said the suspects discussed blowing up the embassies and decapitating the Israeli ambassador to Norway, Miriam Shomrat.

"There is something about gathering weapons and that buildings were to be blown up," he told NRK, refusing to say more.

"We are deeply concerned about the emerging information on these planned terrorist attacks in Norway," U.S. Ambassador Ben K. Whitney said in a statement. "We are watching developments closely."

Police have been tightlipped about the investigation and refused to disclose names and personal details about the four suspects, other than saying they all are in their 20s.

One of the suspects, a 29-year-old Norwegian of Pakistani descent, was briefly held in Germany in June on suspicion of planning an act of terrorism against the soccer World Cup.

He was released without charges. He also was charged last week with firing gunshots at the home of a Norwegian journalist in Oslo earlier this year, reports said.

Such a nice and impressionable lad, no? To all those out there that could really care less about the possible attack on our embassy in Norway, please try to remember that al-Qaeda has been laying threats down for the past month, or so. There is always a rise in the level of threats issued before something major occurs. Blowing up one of our embassies abroad would be pretty major.

And we cannot forget that the Israelis were labled as targets, too. The Islamofascists cannot stand us or them, so it makes sense that they would go after them, too. And it was only a martter of time, especially after President Ahmadinejed's eloquent diatribe of hate at the United Nations before someone would try something like this.

Now we have no evidence to support that any of this is in conjunction with his visit here, however they were nabbed two days before his speech. And his address was nothing short of a direct indictment against Israel and the United States for some perceived wrongs. (Of course in his eyes they are "wrongs" because they do not fall into his worldview, and they are hardly compatible with his view of Islam.)

See, some people in the world are still paying attention, and doing their best to stop these sorts of attacks. And the frequency, of late, which these people are being caught should show the world that no matter what we do, no matter how quick we are at catching them and dismantling their network, they never give up. The only way to stop them is to kill them. No prisons. No lock-ups. No repatriations back to their home countries. Kill them on the battlefield, or execute them after trial. If there is even a hope they can be freed, they will bide their time, and revisit their hatred on the world again.



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