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Thursday, September 21, 2006

Breaking News From Norway: Islamicists Try Plotting To Attack US and Israeli Embassies

This is literally coming off of the wires as I type. Hat-Tip to Charles @ LGF. Norwegian News has the story.

Four men arrested for planning terror acts.The American and Israeli embassy in Oslo are believed to have been the prime targets for the four individuals arrested in connection with the synagogue shooting in Oslo last week.

Police believe that the four men aged from 26 to 29 had made plans to attack the American embassy in Henrik Ibsens gate and the Israeli embassy in Parkveien, or alternatively neighbouring buildings and embassy staff in the near future.

Deny charges.

All the suspects deny the serious charges brought against them, according to sources VG has been in touch with. Due to the ongoing investigation and matters concerning national security, the court proceedings will not be open to the media.

Charles reported on the shooting on Monday when the attack occurred:

Norway’s justice minister was contacting key members of the Jewish community in Oslo on Monday, after a round of shots was fired at the capital’s synagogue over the weekend. Higher security around the synagogue may involve closing off the street where it’s located.

No one was injured in the shooting, which damaged the front of the synagogue in Oslo’s St Hanshaugen district. Police said more than 10 shots were fired, probably from an automatic weapon, at the synagogue’s façade early Sunday morning.

“We are taking this type of violence very seriously,” Justice Minister Knut Storberget told newspaper Vart Land on Monday. “That’s why it’s necessary that police devote all available resources to the case.”

The Islamofascists have not given up their fight, and we should not give up ours. At least a few nations in Europe still believe in fighting them, rather than rolling over for them. Hopefully Norway puts these animals away for a very long time.



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