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Saturday, September 30, 2006

India Says Pakistani Intelligence Behind Mumbai Bombing

Little Green Footballs has the excerpts from the AP Wire report:

An Indian investigator on Saturday blamed Pakistan's spy agency of orchestrating the July train bombings that killed at least 207 people in Mumbai, an accusation that could threaten the already shaky peace process between the nuclear-armed neighbors.

Pakistan's minister of state for information, Tariq Azim, immediately denied the allegation, calling it "irresponsible" and demanding that India provide evidence of the link.

India called a halt to the often-stumbling, two-year-old peace talks with Pakistan in the wake of the bombings, which ripped through a series of suburban commuter trains during evening rush hour on July 11, killing at least 207 people and wounding 700.

Negotiations resumed earlier this month when Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh met Pakistani President Gen. Pervez Musharraf on the sidelines of a conference in Cuba. The two agreed to set up a joint mechanism to combat terrorism.

Mumbai Police Commissioner A.N. Roy, the lead investigator in the bombings, said Pakistan's Directorate of Inter Services Intelligence, or ISI, began planning the attacks in March and later provided funding and training for the bombers in the Pakistani town of Bahawalpur, a center of militant Islamic activity.

"The conspiracy was hatched in Pakistan," he said at a news conference.

Roy said the attacks were carried out by the Pakistan-based Islamic militant group Lashkar-e-Tayyaba, with help from the Students Islamic Movement of India, a banned Muslim organization.

He said 15 people have been arrested so far, including 11 Pakistanis. Three Indians are still on the run, he added, and another Pakistani bomber was killed in the blasts.

First, if this was conceived and ordered by the Pakistani government, then it shows a significant shift in the political allegiences of Pakistan. These people were staunch supporters of the war, and this, coupled with the recent deal struck between tribal lords, the Taliban/al-Qaida remnants hiding out, and the Pakistani government starts to open a few more eyes, and great deal more scrutiny into this nation's buisiness. If this government is protecting terrorists, and carrying out terrorist operations, then we need to sever ties to the Musharraf regime.

On the flip side, if this was an independent operation conducted by a few rogues in the ISI, then Musharraf must come out and bring them to justice. Protecting these people, if he knows who they are, is only going to raise tensions in the region; a region that only a few short years ago looked like it was heading towards all-out war. The world held its breath then, and will probably do so now, if this report by Indian investigators turns out to be true, and not irresponsible supposition.

India claims they have the evidence. Then let the world see it, and let Pakistan be the judge. It was a heinous, cowardly attack, and the world can ill afford to be wrong about Pakistan. As a nuclear-armed nation, the possibility of those nukes falling into the wrong hands--especially by a government that is either complicit in terrorism, or has those in the upper echelons of the government who support it silently--is a very real possibility. Thomas posted about Jamaat-e-Islami at the beginning of the month. They're a radical Islamic group in Pakistan that has siad that if they come to power they will share nuclear technology with ALL Muslim nations.

Let's hope the Indian government is mistaken. If not, we could be looking at a serious problem in the region, and it will only be compounded should radicals seize control.

Sabrina McKinney


Anonymous Anonymous said...

There are Jihad terrorist organizations in most every mid-east country. Before one country starts to blame another for an attack in their country, they should take a look at the terrorist organization in their country, especially Egypt!

8:27 AM  

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