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Sunday, October 29, 2006

The Democrats Seem Completely Unable To Learn

All right dear readers. We have seen this election dive into the seemingly "lowest-of-the-low" when it comes to campaigning this year. And now Hugh Hewitt has found another display of stunning idiocy by a Democrat. Debbie Stabenow, in an effort to go after Mike Bouchard. Mr. Bouchard served on one of the boards for Jackson National Insurance Company. Debbie Stabenow decided she was going to make the claim that this company was outsourcing jobs. The aim, I would suppose, would be to paint Mike Bouchard as someone who stands against businesses that maintain an American workforce. But, what if you're wrong, as Ms. Stabenow is? She can't deny it because as the report goes on to say, the company is demanding an apology:

A Michigan company has asked U.S. Sen. Debbie Stabenow to retract her statements that it outsourced jobs overseas.

Jackson National Life Insurance Co. sent a letter to Stabenow last week asking her to apologize for a campaign TV commercial and her public comments related to the company. Stabenow, a Democrat up for re-election Nov. 7, has said the company outsourced jobs to India and China.

Jackson National says that is not true. But the Stabenow campaign stood by its statements Saturday.

"We've been clear through this whole process," Stabenow campaign spokesman Brent Colburn said. "We stand by our ad."

Enter Hugh Hewitt:

The company employs 1,300 in Michigan, approximately 300 of them in recent years.

Whoops. Looks like someone didn;t check their facts before opening their mouth and swallowing their whole d*mn foot. But does this come as a surprise to anyone?

Ben Cardin and his supporters have not only lied about Michael Steele on the issues, but they unleashed a scurrilous set of racial attacks on him. Ben Cardin used a similar ad to Claire McCaskill's Michael J. Fox ad to slam Steele; an angle of attack that has subsequently backfired on him.

Claire McCaskill has lied about Jim Talent, even to the point of telling everyone that he is not a friend of Veteran's Affairs despite the fact the VA awarded him their highest honor. And she launched an ad using Michael J. Fox accusing Jim Talent of being against stem cell research.

Ned Lamont campaign workers did up a blackface picture of Joe Lieberman hugging Bill Clinton.

Jim Webb went after George Allen's mother.

The latest push by the Democrats to use dirty politics in the waning stretch of the election is backfiring all over the place. How else can they explain the latest surge the GOP recieved over the last couple of weeks. Their tactics aren't resonating with the voters. For that matter, a good majority of their message isn't sitting well with the voters. I'm not talking about the nuts out of the base. I'm talking about the sensible Democrats that understand the nation, the world, and what's at stake right now.

And they see these insane lunatics playing political football with national security, lying repeatedly about their opponents, and now they're slandering an American company in Michigan. Dirty pool may be a welcome addition in their circles, but for mainstream America we don't like seeing this, and we sure as H*ll don't play those games.

You'd think by now the Democrats would have learned this lesson. And for the people who will stand up and point to George Allen's latest foray into mudslinging, we have condemned him for that. There is no excuse for it by either side.

Sabrina McKinney


Anonymous Anonymous said...

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