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Sunday, October 29, 2006

The Post Spins After The Release Of The Steele Ad

Good morning dear readers. I am back again to helm the Sunday posts for the kids. And today I spotted this on Hewitt's site. It's his link to the new Washington Post poll showing Ben Cardin ahead of Michael Steele by 11 points. Now, that's a h*lluva jump compared to Rasmussen, which has Cardin ahead by only 5 points, and Survey USA which has them tied. Real Clear Politics has the average at 5.3%. But with the Steele campaign releasing the new ad featuring Michael Steele's sister answering the phony charge made by Michael J. Fox, it's no surprise that the Post is trying to spin the numbers.

The Post publishes no demographics of the poll, but would rather have people believe this poll was conducted fairly. I'm not saying that it isn't, but there's a six point difference between the Post's poll and Rasmussen. There's an eleven point difference between Survey USA and the Post. Can the Post really be that far off from the other pollsters? And the Post adds that the margin of error is +/- 3%.

Something smells here. We're all more than aware of the Post's bias. It's been commented on by many a blogger and pundit. And it makes sense to have a skewed poll come out after the new ad started airing. This poll seems to be designed to show that there is no bump from this new ad, which I find hard to believe. The ad is devastating to Ben Cardin. Not only does it answer the charge that Lt. Gov. Steele is against stem cell research (he isn't), but it throws it back in Cardin's face that he is, in essence, a liar. And we should remember that this poll comes at the end of a week where not only did this ad begin airing, but earlier this past week, Michael Steele utterly destroyed Ben Cardin in their latest televised debate.

Michael Steele showed the voters that Ben Cardin completely lacks the knowledge of the state and it's issues to represent the voters in Washington, DC. He slapped Ben Cardin around on the local issues, like the new Purple Line that is in the progress of being constructed, and he hammered him on national issues, like tax cuts and national security. At the end of the debate, Ben Cardin looked like he had spent five rounds in the ring with Mike Tyson. And after the debate--the following day--the Post practically crowned Michael Steele the victor of the debate, and possibly the race.

And now the Post shows that Steele is behind? Well, which is it? Is he surging and winning, or did Cardin really pull ahead. Before the debate, Michael Steele was down by three. After the Debate, he surged ahead by six points, taking the lead in the race. And from the 25th (when the debate was aired) until today, the voters are supposed to believe that Steele went from three points ahead to eleven points behind? What did Ben Cardin do to surge ahead? That's a question that the Post seems unable to answer. The newest ad blitz comes from Michael Steele, not Ben Cardin. And we're not kidding when we say this ad destroys Ben Cardin's lies. So, how did he take the lead after taking punch after punch this week?

We urge Maryland voters to blow this poll off. We can't buy this without some sort of explanation from the Post for the discrepancy in the poll numbers. And they don't seem to offer one. We are down to the wire in this race, so give a hand to Michael Steele. Constribute to Michael Steele's camapign here. Send a message to the Democrats this year that trhe nation only wants solid representatives in Congress who know the right direction for the nation. And that direction isn't filled with lies and half-truths. It's not the decision that we need more of the same old, same old in DC. We need stand-up people there, and Michael Steele is that man for the state of Maryland.

Sabrina McKinney


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