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Sunday, October 15, 2006

A Follow-Up From Yesterday's Discussion From Professor Reynolds

Yesterday, Professor Glenn Reynolds AKA Instapundit put up a lengthy post about the GOP. (This post shows why he should be posting his thoughts more often at length; it is an excellently penned piece. You only need to look at the reaction from the center-right blogosphere to pick up on this.) The post, put succinctly, was a reminder for the GOP. That if they lose in November, he had five or six reasons most likely behind that loss. Each one of these reasons is most appropriate to highlight. They weren't the GOP's finest hours, to be sure, and each one irritated a whole lot of people. The Miers debacle alone drew battle lines amongst the center-right like nothing I've seen before.

It drew the battle lines here at The Asylum, too. Neither Sabrina or Marcie wanted to listen to reason until I sat them down and explained that, other than her connection to the president, and his harping of her being a "good" conservative, there was nothing there to prompt our support of her. Which, Ironically, is similar to the thoughts that Mark Smith--author of Disrobed--had after Ed Gillespie "introduced" Miers to him: "Is that it?" Once the girls understood that there wasn't much there, I welcomed them into the fold of those against Harriet Miers. Nothing personal, but the woman just didn't have what was necessary to sit on the high court.

But while we conservatives have had our share of infighting over the last few years, the Democrats can't sit back and say they've had a stellar record on issues. They've stuck their nose in every major issue that has broken over the GOP--from Harriet Miers to Dubai Ports World to Mark Foley--and it hurts them every time. In addition, we have William Jefferson who is under investigation by the FBI for bribery. We have Jack Murtha and Nancy Pelosi calling for a withdrawal of troops from Iraq. (And they're joined by a chorus of Democrats from the Senate.) The Abramoff scandal had EVERYONE in Congress running for cover, but people still haven't questioned Harry Reid about his ties and money to good ol' Jack. And speaking of funny deals, is he still hanging up on reporters asking about this sweetheart land deal in Vegas?

Does the GOP have it's problems. Yep, you bet. But the Democrats aren't much better. Let's remember what a Democrat Congress will look like. Nancy Pelosi as Speaker? Jack Murtha's positioning himself to be the new Majority leader. Charlie Rangel would be head of the Ways and Means Committee. John Conyers would chair the House Judiciary Committee. Louise Slaughter would become the chair of the House Rules Committee (she is considered one of the most liberal members of the House Democrat caucus, right behind Nancy Pelosi).

In the Senate, Patrick Leahy would chair Judiciary. Robert Byrd would chair Appropriations. Kent Conrad would head up the Budget Committee--a man who voted against the War in Iraq. Joseph Biden (who still doesn't know if he likes Princeton or not) would chair the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. The Homeland Security Committee is up for grabs because Joe Lieberman currently chairs it, but he's not a Democrat anymore. Carl Levin would most likely be the guy to replace Lieberman, which speaks volumes to the Democrats inability to grasp the concept of national security. Levin didn't vote for the war, has consistently called for a timetable of withdrawal, and believes to improve the military it needs to be cut. Rockefeller would head up Intelligence; This is a man that many suspect of blowing the NSA TSP to the press. And Chris Dodd would head up the Rules Committee.

That's not a pretty picture I just painted. And that's what awaits the nation on 8 November if the GOP loses both Houses. Anyone think the Democrats have a chance with a roll call like that? Neither do we, which is why we're not buying the MSM and it's polling. (Coincidently, Jim Talent jumped to his first lead over Claire McCaskill since the end of September, and it's likely due to the retarded campaign ad that McCaskill decided to run.)

People say that the GOP has bungled its control of Congress. While I'm apt to agree on a few issues, overall, I'm not ready to sell the GOP down the river. No one should. Partisanship only goes so far with us. And it reminds me, this Sunday, of a Bible passage. 1 Corinthians 13:11:

"When I was a child, I spoke as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child: but when I became a man, I put away childish things."

It's time for the base to quit acting like a child. There are greater issues at work here than getting ticked at your party. And while there will be plenty of time to rid ourselves of the RINOs in Congress in due time, now we need to maintain the majority. IF WE LOSE IT, we are going to lose this war because the opposition party is going to withdraw from the field of battle. Look at the world, and tell me we can afford to do that.

Iran is racing towards nuclear weapons. Terrorists in Iraq are ratcheting up their unconventional and cowardly attacks against civilians and coalition troops. The Taliban, emboldened by Pakistan's appeasement, is launching new incursions into Afghanistan. France is staring an intifada in the eyes, and it looks like they're going to cave in to the Islamofascists there. Europe, as a whole, is under assault by those same animals, who are shouting for shari'a law to be instituted. Our enemy hasn't given up as foiled plots by Britain and Canada have shown. And lest we forget (and no the president hasn't) Osama is still out there.

Do the Democrats have what it takes to keep this nation safe? Do they have what it takes to stop our enemies, and preserve the nation? In our educated, and well-researched opinion, the answer is no. They're playing politics right now with our security. They're playing the game for their own power, and they're putting the nation at work with this sort of brinkmanship.

So, for the GOP base I say put aside the "childish things." This election is that bloody important. We need to maintain the majority. Don't buy the polls. Don't buy the defeatism the MSM is peddling. It won't happen, but that'll only be true of the base gets out there. Contribute. Vote. Send a message to the Democrats that when it comes to the safety and security of the nation--both financial and defense oriented--they can't handle the job. H*ll, they can't handle the truth, and that truth is staring them straight in the face.

Our enemies aren't tolerant. They're not interested in negotiating. They want the world to look like their ideology. An Islamic theocracy totally dependent on shari'a law, which is wholly incompatible with Western values and freedoms. They want dhimmis. They want capitulators. And those that don't will be offered two choices: Convert, or die. When we have an enemy like this, the last thing we need to do is give in to them. And putting the Democrats in power in November is the first step towards that resignation.

Let's send the Democrats a message this November, and one that is best articulated by Michelle Malkin:

Lan astaslem--I will not submit.

Publius II


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