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Thursday, October 12, 2006

British Convert Pleads Guilty In Attempt To Blow Up NYSE

From the indelible fingers of Charles Johnson @ LGF comes this story out of Britain:

Briton admits bomb plot against NY exchange:

A Briton arrested amid a massive U.S. security alert two years ago admitted in a London court on Thursday to plotting to blow up the New York Stock Exchange and carry out "dirty bomb" attacks in Britain.

Dhiren Barot, a Muslim convert, admitted to plotting to blow up the stock exchange and other U.S. financial hubs including the headquarters of the International Monetary Fund, World Bank, Citigroup and Prudential in Washington, New Jersey and New York.

"Explosions at these premises were clearly designed to kill as many people as possible", said prosecuting lawyer Edmund Lawson.

Amid tight security at Woolwich Crown Court in South London, Barot pleaded guilty to conspiracy to murder and prosecutors outlined the details of his confession.

He admitted planning strikes on unspecified British targets in a conspiracy called the "Gas Limos Project", which "involved parking three limos with gas cylinders with explosives and detonating them in underground carparks," Lawson said.

Barot admitted another plan to detonate at least one "dirty bomb" contaminated with radiological material in Britain. The prosecution said Barot claimed the dirty bomb was not designed to kill but "rather to cause injury, fear terror and chaos".

I know a lot of people are shrugging their shoulders right now and saying, "Yeah, so?" Ah, but this is one more example of how much our enemies hate us, and the lengths that they will go to to hurt the West as much as possible. In addition to that, Charles points out that this man's arrest became a political point here in the United States in 2004 during the election. In fact, the Democrats attacked the president for the raise in the terror level around this that time.

Before the Brits nabbed this guy, they communicated what they knew to America, and the threat level went up. Yet, take a look at the press release regarding the DNC's reaction to the threat level rising:

The timing of the alert raised eyebrows among some Bush administration critics. Former Democratic presidential candidate Howard Dean questioned whether there was a political objective to the alert — a sentiment roundly dismissed by Bush administration officials.
Democratic presidential candidate Sen. John Kerry sought to use the latest threat to point out shortcomings in the Bush administration’s war on terror. “We shouldn’t be limping along from one piece of information to the next,” Kerry told CNN. “We should be doing everything necessary to protect our country.”

Taking information given to us, and examining it is anything but "limping" around intelligence. I am not an intelligence analyst, operative, or officer. But even I can assess that when a credible threat comes in, the government is not simply going to turn a blind eye to it because yesterday they jumped through hoops over a different lead. Intelligence work is a delicate business. It involves a lot of know-how about the subject in question, and tons of research.

Not every intelligence out there has the "Jack Bauer" support team of Chloe. There is a lot of reading involved, and following up on information as it comes in or is revealed. Lucky for us, this attack never occurred. It would have been devastating to the nation had the New York Stock Exchange been hit. AND such plans show that our enemy can learn how to exploit a weakness.

Remember, post-September 11th, stocks took a tumble. The country slid precariously close to a deeper recession. Had such an attack occurred, the econmy might have tanked, sending us into a depression. And that is not an exaggeration. The New York Stock Exchange is synonymous with the Federal Reserve as icons of the American economy.

It also shows the nation that the Democrats really are not serious when it comes to the war on terror. They called a probable and conceivable attack on an American institution a political stunt. When the government raises the terro-threat level, it is not because it is a slow day at the office. Why do the Democrats think that everything that comes from the White House is a lie or a sceme cooked up by Karl Rove? Is it because they have gotten their @$$e$ kicked more than a narc at a biker rally in recent years?

This stunning display of stupidity by them, when a plot was unfolding to strike America again, is unforgivable. Rather than actually checking out why the threat level was raised, they simply assumed that it was all a play by the administration. It was a stuny; a PR move. Their reactions show that they never took the administration seriously.

Which has to make people wonder WHAT IF the administration had FOREKNOWLEDGE of the attacks planned for 9/11--Would the Democrats have believed him then, or accused him of playing politics. Talk about a side that just does not seem to get it.



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