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Sunday, October 15, 2006

John Kerry--As Clueless As A Newborn Babe In The Woods

Senator John Kerry was on FOX News Sunday With Chris Wallace. I have read the transcript after listening to this today (be glad I do not simply have the audio; I do not think our readers could stand listening to this buffoon drone on) and I have to say that he simply has no clue. For example, there is this portion of their discussion:

KERRY: Let me go back in time. Bill Clinton was in office for eight years. When he started out in office, there was enough fuel for bombs for about one to two bombs. They were members — North Korea was a member of the non-proliferation treaty and North Korea had not tested.

At the end of Bill Clinton's term, they had enough fuel for one to two bombs, they were members of the non-proliferation treaty, and they had not tested.
Now they have enough fuel for nine to 10 bombs. They say they're going to build — get enough for five to six more. They've pulled out of the non-proliferation treaty. We no longer have cameras in the reactor. We no longer have inspectors in the reactor. We no longer know where the fuel rods are. We know that they have now tested.

The United States of America is less safe, and the six-party talks have been a cover to get away from the idea, because George Bush and Dick Cheney decided ideologically in 2002 they would break off the oil trade, they would not build the nuclear reactors, they would not keep the framework that had been agreed on, and from that moment on, it's been downhill with North Korea.

WALLACE: Senator, there are several points you've made that I'd like to ask you about.

KERRY: Absolutely.

WALLACE: But first of all, one, all independent experts say that by 1997, North Korea was cheating on the Clinton agreement.

KERRY: Absolutely. But cheating...

WALLACE: If I may ask my question — and in fact, had already begun secret uranium enrichment. I think to get to the larger issue...

KERRY: Can I stop you there for a minute? Because it's very important, what you just said. Uranium enrichment — their bombs are plutonium.

And the fact is with respect to the threat of the United States, while we knew they probably were cheating, we were on a road where we had them in the non-proliferation treaty. They didn't have additional bomb capacity, and they hadn't tested.

And if we had stayed on that road, then we could have perhaps had a better opportunity to be able to curb this.

One other very critical thing. Eisenhower taught us this. I mean, Richard Nixon taught us this. By working through the diplomatic process and doing it in a legitimate way that builds you credibility, you bring people to your side so that if and when it comes to the moment of crisis, they're prepared to be with you.

Nations are not prepared to be with us today because this administration has broken faith with all of that kind of effort.

Let me start with this: Plutonium or uranium, does it matter. They are nuclear weapons. They created them, directly violating the deal reached by the Clinton Administration. He admits that they were "cheating" in the deal, yet proclaims that deal a good one. He wants us to enter into one-on-one negotiations with North Korea. He also keeps bringing up the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty that North Korea withdrew from. But he fails to cite WHY they withdrew from it.

The North Koreans withdrew from the treaty when the United States cut off shipments of their nuclear fuel in 2003. And why did we cut it off? Because we knew they were fudging on their end of the deal. The long-fsced senator from Massachusetts refuses to acknowledge that glaring fact. We were not being unfair to them when we did end those fuel shipments. They were violating the deal.

WALLACE: I'm going to ask you a question, and then you can answer the whole thing. You made a speech in New Hampshire on Friday night where you blistered the Bush approach to North Korea. Let's take a look at that.

KERRY: When George W. Bush turned his back on diplomacy, Kim Jong Il turned back to making bombs, and the world is less safe today because a mad man has the Bush bomb.

WALLACE: The Bush bomb?


WALLACE: I mean, don't you really think you should blame this on Kim Jong Il, not President Bush?

KERRY: It's a bomb that has been developed because of the unwillingness of this administration to engage in opportunities that every expert says have been there all the time.

President Carter went over there in 1994 and President Carter negotiated an agreement. Now, rather than continue that agreement in 2002, this administration just arbitrarily decided, out of ideological whatever — anything but Clinton — they proceed down a different road.

And things have gotten worse. Things have gotten worse in Afghanistan. Things have gotten worse in Iraq. They're not telling the truth to the American people about a civil war in Iraq.

They don't listen to the generals on the ground in Iraq. The generals have said it's a debacle. They've said Rumsfeld doesn't have credibility. They're not standing down while the Iraqis supposedly stand up.

In every aspect of our foreign policy, this administration has misled Americans and misled the world. And they don't have credibility. Chris, this is not political. This is not political.

WALLACE: Well, it's a little political.

KERRY: No, it's not political. No, it's not political. It used to be that foreign policy was something that was done on a bipartisan basis. It used to be that the politics ended at the water's edge.

And the fact is that they have so left people out of this process, so disregarded all the advice that they've been given, even their own advice in their administration, that they've now isolated themselves in the world.

And our troops are paying the price of an administration that has not leveled with the American people and has lost credibility in the world. And that's why Iran is emboldened, and that's why North Korea is emboldened.

This is political. LOOK at what he just said--all those talking points--and tell us that his statements are not political. And we dare you to do it with a straight face. Chris Wallace is talking about North Korea, and John Kerry just cannot resist taking swipes at the president over the war. He also disregards Generals Casey and Abizaid who have repeatedly stated that fools like John Kerry have no clue what they are talking about.

Iran and North Korea may be emboldened, but it has little to do with how the United States has acted. It has more to do with the fact that diplomacy through the United Nations is an absolute joke. They know it. Does Senator Kerry think that Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was not paying attention to the sanctions circus in the United Nations over the last couple of days? He was watching all right, and he was taking notes on how to get around any serious threat of repercussions for violating any sacntions that might be arriving at his doorstep.

The only intelligent thing that John Kerry said in this whole interview was when he noted that China has refused to do any sort of cross-border inspections, or boarding any North Korean ships. China says it is too risky for their troops. Bull. They do not want to do it because they are supporting North Korea. Why jeopardize their illicit trade with an ally? That would be stupid on their part. And in closing, because North Korea is on the record as violating one treaty with the United states, what makes John Kerry think they will abide by another?

Can anyone imagine what the foreign relations of the United States would be if this clown had been elected in 2004? We can, and it is not pretty.



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