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Sunday, October 01, 2006

Passing Thoughts Up!

(Reminder To Readers--As per the kids request, thgis post will stay at the top of the page all day. I have written new posts that are below this one, so please scroll down.)

The kids are gone. The guests are gone. And it's just me here now. As per their request, I'm honoring their commitment to notify you, dear readers, that their new column at Common Conservative is up. And in addition to their outstanding recap of the past months events (a final chance to remind people of what has happened) there are other notable authors there well worth the read.

Their Editor, Thomas Lindaman, has another stellar piece this month. He'd like to be the new UN Secretary Generaland he puts together a pretty compelling case for the argument. And, after all, he's not corrupt. That means the money sent to the UN wiull actually be used appropriately, and I'm sure the practice of entertaining dictators will come to an end.

Vincent Fiore hits the nail on the head with a piece that points out that when it comes to liberals, there's all the blame in the world to go around (but none directed at them) rather than ideas. Ideas are made this country what it is, and it's what has made this nation great. Their thought process is to curtail that. To destroy it. THEY want to be the only ones to think so they can FINALLY look and sound intelligent.

Tom Adkins in his infinite wisdom paints a picture of a party that is reminiscent to the cheese-eating surrender monkeys from World War II; the analogy is not lost on the kids as they have been shouting about the present looking much like the 1930s in many respects. The Neville Chamberlains in the "Party of Clouseau," if they regain power, are going to go on the defensive much in the way a turtle hides in its shell when danger appears.

And Doug Patton leaps on that barge (yes the Democrats plans to retake both Houses of Congress is a barge--a garbage barge), but he presents a sobering reminder of the stakes in this election. He points out what will happen if they regain power. In the Senate it's even worse, as Patrick Leahy will head up the Judiciary Committee, ensuring another set of activist jurists going to the bench.

Jim Kouri discusses the meltdown of Bill Clinton in his interview with Chris Wallace. The only thing more amusing was wacky Keith Olbermann's take on it. (Don't worry if you missed it because only about a dozen people catch his show anyway; most of them are bloggers who verbally beat the tar out of him the next day.) But I digress. Former President Clinton, at the end of last month, proclaimed ABC was revising history with it's airing of The Path to 9/11, yet the irony was missed by many. Here was a man who's ideas for combatting terrorism was focused on law enforcement and subpoenas, not killing our enemies. And he is offended when anyone reminds him of it. And for the record, after this tirade and finger-wagging, even his own administration people said he was revising history. How's that sour taste now, Bill?

And my last highlight goes to Sher Zieve who penned an excellent column reminding everyone what sort of people Presidents Ahmadinejad (or "IWannaJihad," as Thomas calls him) and Hugo "Citgo" Chavez really are. These men may be the leaders of their nations, but it's illegitimate. Chavez seized power, and Ahmadinejad was handed it by the mad mullahs of Tehran. Neither of these can be trusted, and the UN's pitiful attempt to make these men look like something other than what they are was disgusting. This ranks right up there with allowing Yasser Arafat into the General Assembly Hall wearing a gun.

And after seeing this fiasco occur at the UN, I'm inclined to support Mr. Lindaman's candidacy for the General Secretary's position. He can't do any worse than Kofi Annan, and is far more personable than someone who threatens "strongly worded" letters and resolutions that have no teeth.

Sabrina McKinney


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