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Thursday, October 26, 2006

The Barbarians At The Gates In France

One year ago this coming Tuesday, the areas around Paris were thrown into turmoil as Muslim youths torched cars, and ruled the nights for weeks. Today, Breitbart brings us news that the "youths" there are gearing up for a replay of the vandalism:

Youths forced passengers off three buses and set them on fire overnight in suburban Paris, raising tensions Thursday ahead of the first anniversary of the riots that engulfed France's rundown, heavily immigrant neighborhoods.

No injuries were reported, but worried bus drivers refused to enter some suburbs after dark, and the prime minister urged a swift, stern response.

The riots in October 2005 raged through housing projects in suburbs nationwide, springing in part from anger over entrenched discrimination against immigrants and their French-born children, many of them Muslims from former French colonies in Africa. Despite an influx of funds and promises, disenchantment still thrives in those communities.

About 10 attackers _ five of them with handguns _ stormed a bus in Montreuil east of Paris early Thursday and forced the passengers off, the RATP transport authority said. They then drove off and set the bus on fire.

Late Wednesday, three attackers forced passengers off another bus in Athis-Mons, south of Paris, and tossed a Molotov cocktail inside, police officials said. The driver managed to put out the fire. Elsewhere, between six and 10 youths herded passengers off a bus in the western suburb of Nanterre late Wednesday and set it alight.

Prime Minister Dominique de Villepin said the events "should lead to an immediate response."

"We cannot accept the unacceptable," he told reporters in the northern suburb of Cergy-Pontoise. "There will be arrests. ... That is our responsibility."

I hate to be the bearer of bad news for Mr. de Villepin, but France does not have the fortitude to handle this problem. They are outnumbered, outgunned, and they lack the organization and tenacity to rein in the Muslim population that has basically declared an intifada against them. This is only going to get worse over in France, and the Euro-mindset--live and let live--that has gripped Old Europe is slowly killing them.

And I do not find it surprising that the news reports of these attacks over night are strangely missing one word to identify the attackers. All of them--from Ireland to India, from New York to New Brunswick--simply identify these people as "youths." A couple of outlets like this one and this one inject a "fact" that the other outlets did not state. Those two reports state that the "youths" wore masks. All the other reports state that the "youths" wore hooded jackets of some sort, making "identification a problem."

There is no problem with the identification of these people. The problem lies in how Euroep, and France especially, has decided to turn a blind eye to the jihad being waged in their nations. This all goes back to Mark Steyn's demographic analysis in his new book, and in his numerous columns. The Muslim immigrants in Europe are slowly breeding out Old Europe in favor of a Euro-theater caliphate. They are virtually powerless to stop the violence because they feel any response would most likely result in a greater upswing in violence.

there is no way for Europe to recover from their problem. They opened up the door by allowing the Islamicists into their nation, and not forcing them to assimilate. Of course, when one takes a politically-correct, multicultural approach to things like that, those with the greater fortitude will win out in the end. Right now, that is seriously rearing its ugly head in Europe. No one wants to force these people to abide by the laws of the land, and on the other side, they are forcing their beliefs and laws onto the populace, as a whole. If they do not like something, or are offended by something, the politicos in Europe will bend over backwards to accomodate them. That is a heck of an approach when your country is under siege, and is vaguely reminiscent of how the French reacted to Hitler's invasion.

They rolled over. They are rolling over again. The media spins these stories, doing their best to avoid the mention of the RoP or Muslims, which only adds to the problem. If you cannot identify or define your enemy, then how can you discern who he is, and know how to defeat him? Europe is in a go along, get along mode of operation right now. The problem is that by the time they put their foot down, it might get lopped off thanks to the Muslims forcing their way of life on Europeans, and not the other way around.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

You are absolutely correct.I've said that France will be a muslim nation before long. Rawriter

1:12 AM  

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