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Thursday, October 19, 2006

This Is For All The Left Out There: Please, Scream A Little Louder And Someone Might Listen

Yes, yes. I am waiting for the crying behind the scenes and the gnashing of teeth publicly at the news that the Dow hit 12,000 points today.

The Dow Jones industrial average scored its first close above 12,000 Thursday as Wall Street, showing its growing confidence despite new evidence of a weakening economy, managed to hold on to a slim advance.

The stock market's most prominent benchmark ended the day at 12,011.73, the ninth time in just over two weeks that the Dow has achieved a record high close. The record came one day after the index of 30 blue chip stocks made its first foray past 12,000.

The Dow's latest milestone came on the anniversary of Black Monday in 1987, when the Dow plunged 508 points and also suffered its second-biggest percentage drop in history. The Dow finished that day at 1,793.90, far from Thursday's record.

The finish above 12,000 was the latest sign that the stock market continues a cautious recovery from the losses and despair investors suffered in the early part of this decade. After peaking in early 2000, the Dow and other indexes fell precipitously amid the dot-com collapse, recession and the impact of the Sept. 11, 2001, terror attacks.

Yes. ((Rubbing hands with an evil grin)) What will the Democrats cry about now? The economy is still booming, and the Dow continues to climb. The housing "bubble" suffered a small hiccup, but is still maintaining it's latent boom. In short, it appears as though the Left was proven wrong, once again, and that the president's economic ideas are succeeding.

And here we have the Democrats--Nancy Pelosi, especially--who are decrying his economic plan. She has stated that in her first 100 hoursshe will work to repeal the tax cuts that spurned the economy forward. Those tax cuts got us out of the recession we were sliding into from March of 2000. President Clinton's economic ideas were starting to bomb, and with 9/11, the administration had to do soemthing to stabilize the economy. The best way to do it is make sure the people have more money to fuel the economy, jump-starting it's growth.

That is what we are witnessing now. And the Left did not need to see this today, not this close to the election, and so much at stake in their attempt to retake both Houses of Congress. As a matter of fact, the "stake" they see is the one that just impaled them to the inside of their political coffins. I hope it hurt.



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