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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Smackdown From The US: No, Chavez CANNOT Have Planes With Our Tech On Board!

And that is pretty much what United States told Spain when they tried to pull this deal off:
(Hat-Tip: Captain Ed)

The US has stopped Spain selling 12 military aircraft to Venezuela by refusing to allow American military technology to be used in the planes.

Venezuela planned to buy the aircraft from the Spanish company Eads-Casa but US determination to prevent Hugo Chávez building up his armed forces wrecked the deal, according to the deputy president, José Vicente Rangel.

George Bush's administration claims President Chávez, an ally of Fidel Castro, is a destabilising force in Latin America. The US imposed an arms ban on Venezuela in May.

Mr Rangel said replacing the US technology with French or Israeli parts had made the €500m (£335m) deal too costly. Miguel Angel Moratinos, Spain's foreign minister, confirmed that what would have been his country's biggest arms deal was now just a sale of naval vessels.

Venezuela's decision to drop the order for 10 C-295 transport planes and two CN-235 patrol planes came the day after Spain declined to back its effort to be a temporary member of the UN security council.

Excuse me, but what the H*ll was Spain thinking? Did they think we would be happy about this if the deal was made without us knowing our military technology ended up in the hands of a man who hates us? Hugo Chavez is not a friendly person to the United States (and yes, we dislike the fact we get our oil from him, for the most part), and he made that abundantly clear to the United Nations General Assembly.

On the flip side, Captain Ed points out the fact that Spain has been behind efforts to make sure Chavez does not get a seat in the United Nations General Assembly, which makes this pending deal even more curious. They would be willing to sell military planes to Chavez, but keep him from a seat in the United Nations? Seems a little two-faced, if you ask me. But nonetheless, this deal is DOA. We stepped in and told Spain that they could not sell Chavez his planes with our technology on board.

Now, that cr*ppy French tech, sure, knock yourself out because if push comes to shove we will knock them right out of the sky.



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