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Thursday, November 30, 2006

Al-Sadr Not A Problem? Al-Maliki Is Smoking And Not Sharing

That is the report from FOX News care of Allah @ Hot-Air:

A senior al-Maliki aide who attended Thursday’s talks said the Iraqi leader presented Bush a blueprint for the equipping and training of Iraqi security forces. The aide, who spoke anonymously because of the sensitive nature of the information, declined to give details of the plan.

Bush and Rice repeatedly probed al-Maliki on his plans to deal with the Mahdi Army militia loyal to anti-American cleric Muqtada al-Sadr, the aide said. The Iraqi prime minister was noncommittal.

“It is not a big problem and we will find a solution for it,” the official quoted al-Maliki as telling Bush.

Al-Sadr is a key al-Maliki political backer and the prime minister has regularly sidestepped U.S. demands that the cleric's militia be disbanded.

Then I believe it is time for us to act on our own, and remove him. WE KNOW what sort of a person al-Sadr is, and what he is capable of. While Mr. al-Maliki may hold al-Sadr in some sort of regard, we cannot afford that luxury. His forces--numbering well over thirty thousand--are confronted by us on a semi-daily basis. He must be removed, one way or another, and that should be emphasized by the president.

He needs to explain to Mr. al-Maliki that al-Sadr is no friend of his, and he would likely kill him as soon as shake his hand. Al-Sadr's goal is to open the doors for Ahmadinejad in Iran. And at the risk of sounding impertinent, if Mr. al-Maliki decides to continue his relationship with al-Sadr, then it is time to freeze him out, and act on our own.



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