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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

John Kerry's Follies: Did I Ever Need This Laugh

And I have Dean Barnett @ Hugh Hewitt's site to thank for it. This week I have midterms, and these are important to me. If I can make it through the rest of this year, and get my recommendations, I am set for law school. But because this is midterm week, and it is hectic, I am not smiling or having too much fun right now.

But Dean picked up this story from Reuters which shows that John Kerry is not too well liked amongst likely voters:

Democratic Sen. John Kerry, mulling a second bid for the U.S. presidency, finished dead last in a poll released on Monday on the likability of 20 top American political figures.

Among those placing ahead of Kerry were about a dozen potential 2008 White House rivals, including Democratic Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton of New York and Republican Sen. John McCain of Arizona.

"This is bad bad news for Kerry," said Peter Brown, assistant director of the Quinnipiac University Polling Institute in Hamden, Connecticut, which conducted the survey.

"Americans know who he is, and have pretty much decided they don't like him," said Brown. He noted the poll found that 95 percent of respondents said they had heard enough about Kerry, who lost the 2004 White House race to President Bush, to rate the Massachusetts Democrat.

The poll of 1,623 registered voters was conducted after the November 7 national elections, which saw Democrats win back control of the U.S. Congress from Republicans.

During the congressional campaign, Kerry sought to help fellow Democrats but drew bipartisan fire for "a botched joke" about Bush and the Iraq war.

Yet even before Kerry's attempt at humor, he did not fare well in similar Quinnipiac polls this year.

I will excuse Reuters for attempting to continue the spin about Kerry's botched joke, but even that cannot stop me from laughing at him. John Kerry is preparing for a presidential run in 2008, and he came in dead last; twentieth overall amongst possible contenders. And as we look through the list, it even includes two "possibles" that cannot run, and THEY ranked above him:

In the current poll, former New York City Mayor Rudolph Giuliani, a Republican, ranked first with a mean score of 64.2, followed by Democratic Sen. Barack Obama of Illinois, 58.8, and McCain, 57.7. All three are potential presidential candidates.

While Obama received a high score, 41 percent said they had not heard enough about the first-term senator to offer an opinion.

Bush finished 15th with 43.8, behind former Vice President Al Gore, a Democrat who lost the 2000 White House race to Bush, who was 14th with 44.9.

Kerry was last with a rating of 39.6. In three earlier polls this year, he never scored above 46.3. ...

... In the new likability survey, U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice ranked fourth with 56.1, followed by former Democratic President Bill Clinton, 55.8, and Sen. Joseph Lieberman of Connecticut, who won re-election this month as an independent after losing the Democratic primary, 52.7.

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, a Republican, was seventh at 51.1, followed by two other potential presidential contenders, former Democratic Sen. John Edwards of North Carolina, 49.9, and Hillary Clinton, 49.

New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson, another possible White House contender, ranked 10th, at 47.7. Two in three respondents said they did not know enough about him to form an opinion.

Among other possible presidential contenders were: Democratic Sen. Joseph Biden of Delaware, with a score of 47; Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, a Republican, 45.9; Democratic Sen. Evan Bayh of Indiana, 43.3; former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, a Republican, 42, and outgoing Senate Republican Leader Bill Frist, 41.5.

I am sure this is not the sort of news that John Kerry wanted to see. To pundits like us, not only does this bring a smile to our face, but it evokes loud guffaws. See ladies and gentlemen, John Kerry still thinks that he is relevant and has a snowball's chance in Hell of convincing America to vote for him. His own running mate, John Edwards, ransked higher than he did; Edwards ranked ninth among contenders, with Hillary right behind him at tenth.

Is there anyother confirmation John Kerry needs to see that he is a loser? That he is utterly irrelevant in the voters' minds? We should hope not, but then again, he does have a problem with the obvious. Regardless, if he runs again, we will all get another laugh our of the buffoon from Massachusetts.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

kerry is lying traitor disgusting person. The latest joke is he announces is candidacy and someone says he can tell a joke. Rawriter

12:20 AM  

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