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Monday, November 20, 2006

Conscription Woes: Why Does Charlie Rangel Keep Bringing This Up?

Via Michelle Malkin, Charlie Rangel is talking about the draft again, and luckily for his side, Nancy Pelosi said the Democrat leaders do not support the bill, nor his idea of needing a draft.

We will recall that this is not the first time that Rangel has pulled this stunt, and the last time it did not go well for him. As a matter of fact, and in all honesty, what does it say to the public when the man who wanted to introduce the legislation was one of the nay votes? It tells me that Charlie Rangel is senile, and crazy like a fox.

And we will also remember that in the 2004 election, a number of people hinted that there was a secret Republican plan to reinstate the draft if President Bush were reelected. Nothing could have been further from the truth, and to our knowledge, no such plan was ever enacted. There is no draft. Yet, as Michelle points out, John Kerry, Howard Dean, and MaxCleland all stated something like that would happen. The dinosaur media jumped on the bandwagon. Heck, even MTV got into the mix with their "Choose or Lose" campaign that directly attempted to frighten kids into believing such a thing would occur.

The fear-mongering reached a crescendo in 2004 when e-mails began circulating around college campuses that warned kids that a draft would be started in June of 2005, and would target young men and women ages 18-26. I remember getting one such e-mail around the time of the election, which basically told me that the president was going to institute the draft, and that legislation going through the House and Senate were going to pass regardless.

But I suppose me real question in all of this is if this is always a tactic of the Republicans--to bring back the draft--why are doddering old fools like Charlie Rangel (He is a Democrat, ladies and gentlemen) the ones who keep bringing this back up. It is plainly obvious that this is not something the administration wants, and for ther Democrats to play the fear card that the current president is going to do it, and then they are the ones to introduce it seems fairly hypocritical to me.

Actually, they may be suffering from some form of Multiple personality disorder. I say that because of how they act. It is Bush who will enact the draft, yet they are the ones pushing the legislation. With longtime mainstays like Charlie Rangel in their party, it is a wonder how they won this latest election. These people are all simply nuts.



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