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Thursday, November 16, 2006

$75,000 In Cash, And Weapons Secrets: Sounds Like A Story With Legs

So where's the dead tree industry with this one? Allah's on it, and wastes no time in addressing the two key questions regarding this story:

A U.S. citizen of Ethiopian descent was arrested as he came into the U.S. on a flight from Amsterdam on Tuesday.

Sisayehiticha Dinssa was arrested by Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents after he was flagged for secondary inspection on entry to the U.S. at the Detroit Airport and was found to be carrying more than $78,000 in cash. Customs officials became suspicious of Dinssa when a narcotics dog signaled the scent of drugs on the money in his possession.

Customs officers also discovered that Dinssa was in possession of a laptop computer for which he had no power source. During an initial look at the computer, "Inspectors discovered some files that had been downloaded with information about cyanide and nuclear materials," an affidavit from an ICE agent filed in the U.S. District Court in Detroit noted.

According to two senior U.S. government officials briefed on the matter, the files appear to be beyond what someone would normally download from the Internet. According to U.S. officials, Dinssa may have been researching the materials extensively.

Dinssa had claimed he was only carrying $18,000. It is undetermined if this is an alleged smuggling case or potentially something more sinister.

According to federal law enforcement sources, U.S. intelligence agencies and counterterrorism officials have been tasked to run down any leads on Dinssa in their databases. According to the court records, when questioned about the information on his laptop, Dinssa said that he was "interested in learning about cyanide and nuclear materials."

Um, yeah, I'd be a little suspicious myself if I found that on someone's laptop, and they didn't have a decent explanation for it. For example, Marcie and I do a ton of research on a variety of subjects, but that's to gain a working understanding of the subject. I take a serious and particular interest in US Spec-Ops (mostly because I wanted to be a SEAL; they don't take people who wear glasses or those who have arthritis as I do). Because of my desire, I have TONS of hard notes and computer files devoted to my study and research of Spec-Ops. For me, it's natural. Sure, authorities could question why I have the extensive files on the Spec-Ops community, but there's a logical explanation for it.

What's his? Just studying it for the fish? In this day and age, where our enemies are completely interested in such things, it sends up red flags when information like this is found in the possession of an average citizen. Especially when the government comes out and says that this isn't the normal, run-of-the-mill information available to the public. I remember a story about Tom Clancy. Clancy, as we all know, is a techno-thriller writer, and the sroy goes thast while writing the book "The Sum Of All Fears," his research into a nuclear weapons supposedly prompted some questions fromt he FBI. I believe that this was recounted in the Tom Clancy Companion (which I own but can't seem to find right now).

So mistakes do happen where we are suspicious of people who shouldn't have information that they do, but in a situation like this there's no reason not to be cautious. But this guy still has explaining to do. I hope he's got the answers, and I do hope that this guy isn't connected to our enemies.

And in closing, before anyone jumps on me, yes the story comes from ABC News, BUT that's not the dead tree industry. The dead tree industry, for those who couldn't figure it out, are the newspapers. This story broke on Tuesday, and I've yet to see anything from the dead tree guys. It's their job to report the news, and this definitely qualifies as such.

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