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Saturday, November 25, 2006

Chuck Schumer's Agenda: Better Than Pelosi's

After months of camapigning on issues, the Democrats have started to unveil their plans for the next two years. The New York Post gives us an insight into what Chuck Schumer has on his mind:

(Hat-Tip: Hugh Hewitt

After meeting with Gov.-elect Eliot Spitzer and Mayor Bloomberg last week, the senior senator outlined the state's priorities - as well as the Senate's top goals for the nation.

Schumer said he'd focus on:

* Building the Second Avenue subway;
* Building a railway linking lower Manhattan to JFK Airport;
* Building a new tunnel under the Hudson River to connect Midtown with New Jersey.
* Changing Medicare and Medicaid formulas;
* Doling out homeland-security funds based on threat;
* Getting more federal money for education and affordable housing, and
* Increasing tax deductions for college tuition.

Schumer said, although the Democrats are in power now, "the hard work has just begun."

"As much energy as I was able to put into trying to win elections, I'm going to put even more into making sure we get something done for average New Yorkers, for average Americans," Schumer vowed.

Nationally, Schumer said the Senate's four main goals are to lower prescription drug prices, raise the minimum wage, cut gas prices and make college tuition more affordable.

So when did Mr. Obstruction suddenly turn into a Scoop Jackson Democrat? This guy had been extreme to the fringe for the last six years, and we are to believe that he woke up on the day after the election a changed man? While I am the optimist here at The Asylum, I am loathe to give this man a fair shake. But we will see if he sticks to his word. Granted, his Senate goals mirror four points that Speaker Pelosi has made. And his New York are not bad at all, except the Medicare/Medicaid one.

Now if we could just get him to wake-up on the war he would almost be where FDR and JFK were. And if we could get him to come over to the "dark side" regarding judges, why ladies and gentlemen, that would be one of the greatest miracles of all. Of course, if he is not careful, and does not tow the line, he might find himself in the position that Joe Lieberman was in.

The Democrats do not like those who buck their ideology, and should he start blowing off the trend, he may find out how cold it is in the Senate. And if that happens, Schumer is so vain that the first critical piece in the Beltway press is likely to hurt his feelings, and we will have the old Chuckie back just as soon as he can waffle himself in that direction.



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