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Thursday, December 14, 2006

Darfur's Situation "Unacceptable" According To New UN Secretary General

Ban Ki-moon was sworn in today as the new Secretary-General of the United Nations, and Breitbart has one of the first comments made by him after his swearing in:

Ban Ki-moon of South Korea, who was sworn in as the next UN chief, described the tragedy in Sudan's Darfur region as "unacceptable" and pledged to be personally engaged in efforts to end the bloodshed there.

"The suffering of the people of Darfur is simply unacceptable," the 62-year-old former foreign minister told his first press conference since he took the oath office earlier Thursday to succeed Kofi Annan on January 1.

Ban said he planned to "make himself directly and personally engaged" in the search for a Darfur settlement.

He said he would consult with outgoing UN chief Kofi Annan who has been leading efforts to persuade Khartoum to accept the deployment of a robust UN force to takeover peacekeeping from ill-equipped African Union troops in Darfur.

Reiterating that there was "no military solution" to the crisis, Ban said the United Nations needed to work closely with the AU, the Sudanese government and other stakeholders to address all aspects of the issue.

The United Nations estimates that some 200,000 people have died and more than two million have been forced to flee their homes since the conflict between Khartoum and local rebels in Darfur began in 2003.

A commendable statement, to be sure, but it lacks any sort of ideas as to how they're going to deal with the situation in Darfur. I do hope this doesn't involve putting Looney George Clooney in charge of something over there. He has been an outspoken critic of how everyone has done a piss-poor job of handling the situation in Darfur, but just like the rest of the bureaucrats in the UN and around the world, he has no solution to the problem. A military solution is an idea that should be on the table, but Secretray-General Ki-moon has decided that's not an option.

What should bring concern to those who are watching the UN right now, and as Claudia Rosett stated on Glenn Beck's TV show on Tuesday night, no one knows a lot about this man. He's an enigma right now, and we're not sure if he's going to do better or worse than Kooky Uncle Kofi did. His Wiki bio,/li> gives us the impression that he's a career diplomat. In fact, it's stated there that after a brief meeting with Pres. Kennedy, he decided to be a diplomat. Diplomat, bureaucrat; is there a difference? And does he have what it takes to really push reform through in the UN? He's pledged reform for the UN:

"After being appointed as secretary general, I was somewhat scared and humbled to think that all issues in the world, such as UN reform, regional conflict, terrorism, and proliferation, are related to myself," he told his parliamentary colleagues.

One of the issues he is keen to focus on is greater internal accountability and transparency.

"The reform of the UN, which has been put off for the past 60 years, must be carried out in earnest," he said.

He has also that he wanted to rebuild trust in the organisation.

Talk's cheap, and we've heard plenty of this sort of talk before from the organization. We'll all be a lot happier when we see that reform occur, if it can at all.

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