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Friday, December 01, 2006

Reyes To Chair House Intel Committee

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, Nancy Pelosi has finally made up her mind. And FOX has the report:

House Speaker-to-be Nancy Pelosi picked the former U.S. Border Patrol agent for the key congressional posting over two other candidates who had more seniority. The current top Democrat on the committee, California Rep. Jane Harman, was left out in the cold because of political differences with Pelosi. And Rep. Alcee Hastings of Florida was Pelosi's first choice but was squeezed out amid ethical questions.

Pelosi issued a statement Friday morning praising Reyes, while offering an olive branch to Hastings and Harman, the latter of whom will step aside as the committee's top Democrat to make room for Reyes.

"Congressman Silvestre Reyes has impeccable national security credentials," Pelosi said. "When tough questions are required, whether they relate to intelligence shortcomings before the 9/11 attacks or the war in Iraq, or to the quality on intelligence on Iran or North Korea, he does not hesitate to ask them."

The opinions are just starting to roll in from across the blogosphere. Michelle sounds completely unenthused, and points to a dark spot on his record. Dan Riehl runs down some key votes from Reyes. Morning Coffee states the obvious--the culture of corruption is alive and well, and just under new management. Mary Katherine Ham exhibits the same enthusiasm we are today. No, he is not the greatest guy, but he is not Alcee Hastings, either. Curt @ Flopping Aces runs a quick recap for all those interested, and runs down a couple leads on his own regarding Reyes' voting record.

Yes, this man is no Alcee Hastings. But his voting record is a disaster. And there are charges of cronyism that cannot be ignored. The camera deal he was involved in to cover the northern border of the United States is well worth the read. And his comments towards the administration are just a bit outside the normal scope of constructive dialogue. If he thinks the White House is going to inform him of EVERY classified program they are running, he has another thing coming. And, unfortunately, that is the type of politician he sounds like. He sounds like he is going to be one of those axe-grinding Democrats.

At least this fight is over. It's another misstep for Nancy Pelosi, but it is not as bad as her previous two screw-ups.



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