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Monday, January 01, 2007

Passing Thoughts Up!

As always, this post will remain at the top of the page through tomorrow. Scroll down the page for updates and stories!

No. Not the one from this afternoon, but rather our regular column at Common Conservative. And this is an extra special issue of Common Conservative as Thomas Lindaman, Tom Adkins, and Patrick Shanahan give out the Common Conservative Awards. Subjects ranging from Democrats and Republicans to watch to underreported story of the year. Put on your tux, and take a front row seat to the cutting analysis of three of the best columnists on the site.

And drop by each one of their respective columns this issue to see their take on the final events of the year, and some New Year's Resolutions.

Feel free to peruse Carey Roberts' choices for the most politically incorrect writers of 2006. And I share in the revelry in political incorrectness. We are, after all, people with free will, and there some people in this world that simply are far too thin-skinned for my taste.

Paul Speaker discusses what it's like to be one of America's most abused and maligned minorities in America, and being this particular minority means there are no protections for you. The Constitution isn't there to bail you out, guaranteeing a specific right. But instead, you literally get a BIG RED target painted on your backside. Read his column, and see if you agree.

William Calhoun defines the true roots of conservatism by revisiting us poor, forgotten paleoconservatives.

Jim Kouri addresses the new expansion of power, and new attitude of our "friend" Vladimir Putin; he asks if there's a new Cold War afoot.

And finally, Thomas Brewton asks which is better: Charity, or the welfare state, and makes the case himself. (Personally, I prefer charity, and despise the idea of the government acting like one.)

Have fun reading, and Happy New Year from your favorite lunatics in The Asylum!

Publius II


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