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Monday, March 26, 2007

Tax and Spend Democrats are back in action

After two superb posts from my better half, I'm almost embarrassed to bring this up. Hey, I said almost ...

Hugh Hewitt observes that the Democrats are back to their same old song and dance as reported by Representative John Campbell's new blog, Green-Eye Shade:

Their budget proposes the largest tax increase in American history - The Democrat's budget calls for a tax increase of every tax bracket, slashes the child tax credit, raises the death tax, and reinstates the marriage penalty. And this is just a sampling, there is more. In all, the Democrat's plan will cost taxpayers over $390 billion in the next 5 years. What is particularly frustrating about this ill-advised action is that the Democrats are blatantly ignoring the economic consequences and fiscal benefits that lower taxes have brought to the treasury the past few years. Revenue has increased in double digits the last two years alone because of the economic expansion encouraged by reduced taxation. This revenue growth has been crucial in reducing the deficit. The Democrats refuse to recognize this, though, and instead they just want to tax us to death. This is a recipe for disaster.

Their budget proposes massive increases in spending, expansion of government - As highlighted above, revenue is not the problem, out of control spending is the problem. The Democrats, however, don't seem to care. Their singular goal is to spend more and make government bigger. In that spirit, their budget calls for a $42.5 billion increase in non-defense spending this year. Yikes.

Their budget proposes no offsets to pay for these increases - Despite these huge increases, the Democrats offer no way to pay for them except by raiding Social Security and raising taxes. This is completely irresponsible. Governing is about making tough decisions and ending governments programs that are ineffective and wasteful -- even if they sound good. Their budget, however, has expansion across the board regardless of effectiveness. Hardly fiscal responsibility.

Their budget proposes no fix to the AMT - In spite of their continued talk of fixing this increasingly oppressive tax, they have done nothing and are allowing it to continue to grow and adversely affect more taxpayers.

Their budget proposes no entitlement reform plan - The Budget Committee has heard testimony from several witnesses warning of the unsustainable growth of entitlement programs likes Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security. Repeated experts have said that if entitlements are not reformed, in the very near future, the budget will either be completely consumed by them or Congress will have to double current tax levels. Do we really want to saddle our children and grandchildren with our debt? The Democrats apparently do.

Their budget proposes no accountability standards - With all of these increases in expenditures, the Democrats are conspicuously silent on all the current waste in the federal budget. Instead of making the government more efficient with what it is already operating under, they are just calling for more money. I do not know of one business that operates in such a backward fashion. We need to promote efficiency and accountability -- not just blindly sign away taxpayer dollars to useless government programs.

It is apparent from today that the Democrat's rhetoric during last fall's campaign that they would bring fiscal responsibility to Washington was exactly that -- rhetoric. We need serious reform proposals and decisive leadership, not the tax and spend days of old.

Tax and spend, an increase in the size of federal government, no true movement on entitlement reform, and no accountability. Yeah, I'd say this is the Democrats of old. Add the antiwar platform that many of them are standing on right now, and I'd say it's a recipe for disaster over the next two years.

Republicans had beter wake up and smell the coffee. Stopping the Democrats on their antiwar mission is one thing, but the price of freedom is eternal vigilance, and that's what we need right now. The party in both Houses had beter get totgether, and prepare to stop this onslaught of seizure the Democrats are planning. We can't afford to be playing these sorts of fiscal games at a time when our money is best spent protecting this nation, enforcing our borders, and trying to root out our enemies as quickly and as efficiently as possible.

Taxing and spending us into the poor house isn't the answer. I'm surprised the Democrats haven't figured this out yet. The economy is booming, and it's due in great part to the tax cuts handed to the taxpaying citizens of the nation. More money in our pocket means that we have more to spend, and we do that effectively well. The more we spend, the more revenues end up in the government's coffers. The more consumer confidence is up, the more we're willing to spend.

If we have more in our pockets to spend, we'll do just that. We'll take that extra vacation. We'll buy the new car, upgrading from one a few years old. We'll buy that new house. And the list goes on. By pasing confiscatory taxes, the Democrats are destined to tank an economy already seeing record earnings for everyone -- from the lowliest employee to the average investor. But with this paln, we can expect the Democrats to hype up non-existent guilt about the plight of the poor and the destitute.

No offense, I feel for those people as much as the next guy, and through contributions to charities, I hope that helps them. But taking my hard-earned money and giving it to them because they have less isn't the answer, and it's anything but a solution. The solution is for Congress to leave us alone, and let us make do with what we have now, and what we'll have in the future. But they'd rather take that away because the Democrats, in their heart of hearts, stil believe in the socialist mindset that they, alone, know what is best for the nation, and that includes sending us al straight to the poor house.

Publius II


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