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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

New Column Up!!

(As always, this post will remain at the top of the page for the next 24 hours so readers can click on the links and peruse the fine conservative authors at Mr. Lindaman's site.)

Yes, yes. We are now three for three when it comes to the mid-month issues of Common Conservative. Our new column addresses the president's recent speech regarding his plans for Iraq.

Mr. Lindaman touches on the do-nothing Democrats that took control of Congress on the 4th.

Mr. Fiore gives his thoughts on Barack Obama, and to say that he thinks highly of the man is going too far. His point is well made; a run for second best is about the best the freshman senator can hope for.

Mr. Adkins informs us about a new Chinese product soon to be on American streets thanks to a deal with Chrysler.

Mr. Shanahan discusses the real legacy of Martin Luther King, Jr.

Another fellow guest columnist, John Lillpop also touches on the president's speech regarding his plans for the new surge in Iraq.

Rudy Schober gives us (and hopefully the Democrats) a brief lesson on economics when it comes to their plans of raising the minimum wage.

The ongoing feud between the self-serving DC elite and Americans, in general, is the focus of Chris Adamo's new piece for the site.

Larry Simoneaux remembers the good old days, and compares them to what kids have to deal with today. WARNING: If you think the kids of today had the same problems in school as you used to have, think again.

Carey Roberts rounds out the guest writers with a piece about where the GOP went wrong when it came to the male and female vote in America.

So please, for all of our regular readers, and for those newbies that we have picked up since arriving on TownHall, check out Tom Lindaman's site. It is one of the best on the 'Net with intelligent, thoughtful, conservative writers. And we are there--almost guaranteed--each and every month.

Enjoy reading!!



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Good to have you back in The Asylum! Rawriter.

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