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Thursday, March 29, 2007

Day Six In The Brit/Iran Stand-Off, And Tony Blair Goes To The UN??

The problems with Iran seem to have taken a couple of interesting turns over the last 24 hours. Yesterday, Thomas updated readers on what had happened throughout the day, and I stand beside my husband's assessment, which is precisely what former Speaker Gingrich said yesterday on Hugh's show. Today, we find out that Iran has gone back on it's word to release the female sailor (as if that is a surprise for anyone):

Earlier Thursday, Iranian state television said Turney, one of 15 captured British sailors, would not be released "for the time being," despite reports to the contrary that emerged throughout the morning and the previous afternoon.

Additionally, Britain has decided to act "nuanced" rather than with conviction:

Britain took its case to free its 15 sailors and marines held by Iran to the United Nations on Thursday, asking the Security Council to support a statement that would "deplore" Tehran's action and demand their immediate release.

But Security Council diplomats said the brief press statement circulated by
Britain's U.N. Mission is likely to face problems from Russia and others because it says the Britons were "operating in Iraqi waters" — a point that Iran contests.

The British move came as Iran rolled back on its promise to release the sole female British sailor among the captives, Faye Turney. The Iranian military chief, Gen. Ali Reza Afshar, said that because of the "wrong behavior" of the British government, "the release of a female British soldier has been suspended," the semiofficial Iranian news agency
Mehr reported.

Iran's top negotiator, Ali Larijani, also hinted that the British crew members may be put on trial.

You have to be kidding. The United Nations? Please. Their original set of sanctions were toothless, and the recent ones barely gum the issue. What in God's name is the UN going to be able to pull off that Britain could not do on their own? Why is everyone afraid to deal with Iran decisively, especially right now. This is like the 30's all over again. No one wanted to confront Hitler, and due mostly to the fact that many did not believe his boasts in Mein Kampf.

In Ahmadinejad's case, it seems far more likely that no one wants to deal with him out of fear of reprisal, or a reluctance because of what the world might do or say. People, we cannot allow a rogue nation like Iran dictate to any nation -- let alone one of our key allies in the war on terror -- what it will and will not do in response to clearly provocative actions, such as the illegal seizure of 15 sailors.

We are now in Day Six of this stand-off. Mark Steyn weighs in on this issue twice, here,/li> and here, and in the second post he highlights the interview with Speaker Gingrich and Hugh Hewitt. But Mark's point is well-founded in his final statement:

But even to hear Newt propose it reminds you of how unlikely it is anyone in Teheran is getting that kind of talk from the British Foreign Office or the Americans. A great power is as great as its credibility. Right now, it’s Britain that’s cratering.

We do have proof that Britian is caving because they just walked up to the UN with their hat in their hand asking for a handout. This sort of action speaks volumes to the Iranians. They see that Britian does not have the courage of their convictions, and that they are completely unwilling to take the next step. Speaker Gingrich's idea is sound. With a simple airstrike and a naval blockade, Britain can cripple Iran, likely over the course of a a week or two. That simple act will send the right message to the world about what nations will and will not be allowed to do to the free world. Some may state that such an action is drastic. I say poppycock. We cannot allow such regimes to command the day.

Hat-Tip: Allah @ Hot Air.



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